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the new deck shoe

edited December 2008 in architecture
waiting for the favourite passenger, reading the paper on the rank....discovered an article on the confused mca in old sydnee town......
Caught between The Rocks and an art place

must be new management ?


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    3rd go at it up here.
    probably happen because its a local (know what i mean).
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    yeah scheme gets re-done everytime there is a new manager......first sejima, next sauerbruch and hutton, now marshall...??
    some pretty amusing comments from marshall contextualising the scheme....very kevin rudd...needs to apologise for being too correct ?
    first scheme
    (can't find a pic) HD whats in that magazine pile of yours ?
    second scheme

    and a fact sheet.....
    there's one thing mr sartor loves stickin his fingers in the pie.....
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    that one was a deck shoe.
    right for the town at the time. know what i mean.

    see if i can find sejima in the rack. be in a no idea somewhere.

    like your deck shoe thing. ha ha ha.

    marshall thinks he's a dutchman making chairs?
    love the opera house - only person it hasn't freaked is the japanese lady.
  • sodsod
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    sam marshall?
    looks like a architectural retard's attempt to plagairize a boschler house. funny that something so heinous can get to see the light of day. sydney is fcuked
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    ha ha ha.
    had not thought of that precident.
    tables turned by melbs.

    yeah its fcuked.
    but so is vicco land these days.
    thinkings gone somewhere else i reckon.
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    dropping some japanese delegates at the airport, a remark was made about never coming back, australians have no honour.
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    I think the Clares had a go at back in 98 as well - will try and track down the scheme. Actually, would be interesting to track down who's played with it from day 1. More action than ... well...a King's Cross brothel.
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    I notice the Sauerbruch pic has a big sign on it saying MEDIAFART. Which is about as far as that one got I think. Maybe that is all the MCA wants.
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    would have something to do with their alternative scheme.
    remember that. (try not to).
    won the comp with 2 schemes.

    if you don't like the shoe how about what we stood in.
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    spot on with the boschler reference.
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    what do u make of the clocktower on the roof but?
  • b_nb_n
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    First one... would have been early example of what she went on to become famous for.
    Apparently, and understandably, she got a little shirty when she was invited to enter the second competition, "Haven't I already won that?!"
    How did Marshall get the gig? Don't recall another competition being held. Looks like an inner suburban low rise apartment block.
  • b_nb_n
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    apologies for the crap image quality, doesn't do it justice
  • b_nb_n
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    Something I remembered, think it was comp #2. Slighty more exuberant from locals FJMT, don't know their other work but this one seemed to be doing something. 
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    ahh thanks b_n.

    looking for sejima and couldn't find in the rack.
    does do it justice + good to look back in the light of new century.
    l kahn style plan and section.
    sobriety - would have been novel in our culture of permanently pissed on tooheys new.

    don't think marshall has a (the) gig actually.
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    @HD - the clocktower on the roof is from a commercial building further up in the rocks that this scheme has been so generous as to embed into its imagery.
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    my mistake - i thought maybe he was taking it up to i mcdougal.
  • b_nb_n
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    best bit of the scheme!
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    I think Marshall does have the gig, after a snoop about. He has been working as master planner at the MCA since 2003. This design builds on that, and input from a review panel.
    The Australian: " A review panel was brought in by the MCA to oversee the design process. "A lot of buildings in the city are done that way," Marshall says. On the panel were architects Alec Tzannes and Ken Maher, professor Tom Heneghan from the University of Sydney and Mikala Dwyer, an artist and member of the MCA board. "
    Reading Marshall's site, and here and there, it seems that the masterplanning exercise determined that the building has a few access and level problems that could be sorted out by putting a new building in the car park at the end, addressing both streets. A laneway separates new from the old, as that's a very Rocks thing to do . The design does not attempt to deal with the original building's symmetry, as this is seen by the architect (and panel??) as not expressive of the inclusivity of the MCA. The blocky blocks of the new design are meant to key off the blocks in the old building somehow, in a non-symmetrical manner...?
    All materials and colours have their reasons too - they are all justified ahead of time to a sceptical taxpayer, who is hopefully well-versed in late 50s functionalism.
    "Materials and the earthen tones chosen for the exterior finishes reflect the land on which the building stands and its rich history of Indigenous and European inhabitants,” Marshall said.
    The use of “‘honest’ building materials” was central to the approach, Marshall said, and all the external renderings were been selected for “their functional purpose rather than for purely aesthetic reasons”."
    Thank heavens there will be none of those dishonest non-functional bloody cladding materials.
    MCA Press Release (PDF) Dec 11, 2008. Says it will all be built by 2011!
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    no $.
    no gig.
    bigger problems in the state.
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    The FJMT design was by far the best scheme for the site!
    It relates to the building and the site.
    Such a shame, but that is Sydney
  • b_nb_n
    edited 9:48PM
    Christmas hiatus.

    The console just inside the front door at the MCA provided all the evidence that something is going on. Digital walk throughs, fly throughs an the like, all showing an ordinary building and ordinary spaces.

    Don't know if there is any money, hope Marshall, however awful the design, is billing monthly.
  • b_nb_n
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    a fairly sober take on the first two goes...

    Came to similar conclusions archiprix...
  • b_nb_n
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    The art critic's view:
    Give this man the job!
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    like the line it's sydney's frying pan.

    @ archiprix - FJMT may as well be marshall?
    junior gerry rietveld v geriatric richard meier put through a pasta machine.

    JW did not want to cement opinion he was an irrelevant academo negatroid so he backed something? classic - did a riskless rehash of Saarinen pulling one out of the rubbish bin.

    like all sydney institutions it will keep paying for the sins of its fathers till it commits hari kari and closes its doors honourably.
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