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adeliade convention centre best architecture in australia

Is the adeliade convention centre the best design of conventional architecture in australia? the state bank building in adeliade would have to be second. (no sarcasm implied).

the flatness and shear heterogeneity i mean like a bullseye, of the scraper in adeliade beckons a huge kilometre high shard. A millenium?spelling? tower, we could increase immigration then.


  • Anonymous
    edited January 1970
    One can be deceived as you are looking at a good building against a backdrop of ordinaire. The 'Rust Belt' has a long way to go to achieve the quality of overall design to be found in Melb, Syd and Tassie. Remember Rundall Mall was 'cutting edge' once.
  • adeliadearchitecture
    edited January 1970
    What year or period did rundle mall become avante garde, if that is the level of greatness. Melb, i agree is an intimidating portfolio.
    Regards adeliade architect
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