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The Wired Community @ Collingwood project

Source: infoxchange
Nearly 200 people gathered at Collingwood Housing Estate on Tuesday to witness a project that potentially will bridge the digital divide experienced by low income and unemployed residents. The Wired Community @ Collingwood project, administered by Infoxchange Australia, focuses on residents of 1000 households in three high-rise buildings and low-rise properties on the Collingwood Public Housing Estate.
“(Having) genuinely affordable internet access for all, especially the socially and economically disadvantaged in the 21st century, is a fundamental infrastructure requirement of any civil and democratic society espousing equal opportunity, equality and a fair go,” said Andrew Mahar, Infoxchange Australia’s director in his speech during the project launch.
The potential social benefit that may be gained out of the digital inclusion in the future means employment and education opportunities for the disadvantaged are greater than before. “Social inclusion means people are engaged in community and digital lives; it means people like (those) in this estate have opportunities for training and employment,” said Richard Wynne, Victorian Minister for Housing, Local Government and Aboriginal Affairs in his speech.
A full wrap of the launch and the project can be found on the Collingwood Grassroots website at
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