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A US Casualty of war, A threat to World Peace: Clinton Dehumanised

by Mehrnaz Shahabi(CASMII Columns)
Friday, April 25, 2008
The shameful exposition by the American presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, of her mass genocidal intentions towards Iranians was tragic proof of the dehumanising impact of warmongering on an elite western mind. It is said that humanity is the first casualty of war and this has been starkly clear, not only in the murderous boasting of the presidential candidate’s preparedness to “totally obliterate” an entire nation, to prove her appeal as the American president, but worse still, in the meek and acquiescent response or no response at all of the western mainstream journalists, politicians and intelligentsia.
Where are those super champions of human rights and western liberal values who were so ‘outraged’ by the announcement of Fatwa on Salmon Rushdie? Does that loud and sanguine defense of “freedom of expression” translate into this blood-soaked acquiesce to the liberty of threatening an entire nations to “total obliteration”?
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    This is awful and 'somehow' it has not hit CNN news, or ABC or SBS for that matter--please let me know if I am wrong, perhaps I missed it... US government right to attack soverign nations is 'granted' by their bulling (including nuclear) power--is this democracy?.
    See the interview at:   
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