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Dear Peter. I keep trying to post a notice into a forum (any forum) and even though i am signed in according to the top bar, when i press enter or what ever it is in that bottom blue edged bar, i get deleted with a notice saying i am not signed in and am not entitled to do about three differant things. I know this is a privelege and i thank you very much for it, but could you please tell me what i am doing wrong if you know.


  • beatriz
    edited November -1
    <p>Hi Peter,</p>
    <p>For a while now I am having problems posting links, they don't work, the colour changes (as if it was a link), but they don't open up. I have tried editing them (HTML) but nothing happens. For example:</p>
    <p>Also, I just received this message and a few people reported this problem too:</p>
    <div class="ErrorContainer">
    <div class="ErrorTitle" style="margin-left: 40px;"><i>Some problems were encountered</i></div>
    <div class="Error" style="margin-left: 40px;"><i>There was a problem authenticating your post information.</i></div>
    <p>Could you please let me know what is wrong?</p>
  • peter
    edited November -1
    <p>Hi Beatriz</p>
    <p>Complex links with punctuation just don't seem to work.</p>
    <p>The authentication problem should go away if you just push post again.</p>
    <p>I am working on fixes for both but it is taking a while as the forum software is very complex.</p>
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