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Slip resistant products available in New Zealand

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Good afternoon,

For those of you gentlemen who have got familiar with the Safe Solution micro etching, Floor Tuff Green polyurethane anti slip coating and Safe Grip anti slip strips and non skid coatings, it is a pleasure to announce that the entire products range is now available to the New Zealand and Pacific Island markets via Global Safe Technologies New Zealand & Pacific Islands. Existing fully trained applicators are available both on the north as well as on the south island.

For further information as well as for mor etechnical details please visit our website au and for those of you who ar einterested for New Zeland the corresponding website - stil lbein gupdated - is

Looking forward assist your practices and clients with floor and other surface safety products and services.

Should you require any test results, additional refernces, testimonial, products samples, please contact me directly.

Best regards,

Tibor Bode
Managing Director


  • simon seasons
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    Is tibor bode aware that there are women architects?
  • globalsafe
    edited January 1970
    My sincere apologies for mentioning only gentlemen :oops: , and now I would like to correct it as I meant it, that is

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    I personally have grown up in a society where having a woman as the boss never been an issue, so the last thing from me is assuming that only a specific sex is capable of doing or participating in a profession.

    I also would like to thank to Simon pointing this out.

    Best regards,

    Tibor Bode
    Managing Director
  • test2
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    test reply
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