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APEC agreement signed

edited October 2007 in architecture
Press Release received from AACA
Australia and Chinese Taipei sign deal to facilitate trade in architectural services

The first bi-lateral agreement under the APEC Architect framework has been signed by
Australia and Chinese Taipei allowing the reciprocal trade of architectural services
without the considerable cost and time traditionally required for architects to
establish themselves for independent practice in those countries.

The bi-lateral agreement between Australia and Chinese Taipei is the first agreement
to be signed under the framework, which establishes a process aimed at removing many
of the existing barriers to registration.

Mr Brian Wright, then Chair of the Australian APEC Architect Monitoring Committee,
stated that he hoped that the agreement would be the first of many bi-lateral
agreements that would assist the mobility of Australian architects throughout the
region. The Australian APEC Architect Monitoring Committee is currently negotiating
another bi-lateral agreement with Japan.

Previously, strict registration requirements which are legislated in all
participating APEC countries, meant that an Australian architect faced a complicated
application process sometimes involving examinations and requiring a period of
residency to be professionally recognised. Often, Australian architects could only
work overseas if allied with a domestically registered architect.

The APEC Architect framework is a direct response to the World Trade Organisation's
(WTO) General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS). The agreement promotes the
progressive liberalization of trade in services through the reduction of regulatory,
restrictions, leading to reciprocal agreements between the 14 Asia Pacific Economic
Cooperation (APEC) economies.

The agreement with Chinese Taipei will become operational within 12 months and
Australian architects interested in applying to practice in Chinese Taipei will be
required to apply for APEC Architect Registration through the Australian APEC
Architect Monitoring Committee.

Further information about the APEC Architect Register can be found by visiting and
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