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there's a hole in my bucket (Urban Design)

edited August 2007 in architecture
Last month’s, Melbourne Design Festival ran a number of projects under the theme of “when it rains it pours”. One of the projects was “There’s a hole in my Bucket”
which asked visitors to take one of 100 buckets and photograph a part of Melbourne or everyday life that they thought was poorly designed. The project sought to create a dialogue about the design landscape and how design has the ability to transform our lives and our society for better or worse. It’s quite a fascinating collection of images and thoughts, and covers everything from high heels to toilets.

For me, it’s the numerous photos about urban landscapes (roads, architecture, public transport, public spaces etc) which I find the most interesting. It’s about much more than just the physical design of things and places, because the photos have thought-provoking layers of environmental and/or social commentary to get you thinking.

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