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Hello people.

This is butterpaper's second attempt at a forum, the first one being a miserable disaster back in 2000. Let's see how this one goes. The forums will multiply if it takes off, otherwise I'll put the whole thing back in hibernation until 2005!

May this forum bring you much pleasure, or at least keep you awake.

You may notice that the time is wrong, unless you live in Europe perhaps. I'm not sure why.

Anyone abusing these forums by posting spam or ads for illegal software or services will have their posts deleted swiftly. I have a limited amount of time to look after this site and would prefer not to spend it deleting trash posts.

p.s. Thanks to Walking Melbourne for recommending the PHPBB2 software.
p.p.s. the PHPBB2 software is open source and very good.


  • bob
    edited January 1970
    ... to you for starting something like this
    [the institute's ones are pretty stagnant.] hopefully this is successful in facilitating some much-needed discussion.
  • Sean
    edited January 1970
    Well done !
    Hopefully the Butterpaper forum will be a refreshing change to some of the other forums out there.
    I look forward to seeing some posts about architecture from around the world.
  • Anonymous
    edited January 1970
    ill be letting everyone at uni know about this forum - see if we can get it off the ground
  • peter_j
    edited January 1970
    Thanks, it needs a bit of a leg up. Most forum runners have a bit of time to fabricate a few entries to get things moving faster, but with the rest of the site to run I can't do that.

  • MrT
    edited January 1970
    This 'miserable failure' you say folded a few years ago - that wouldn't have been DrawingTable by any chance? Got into that just two weeks before it disappeared. Glad to find this forum thriving.
  • peter_j
    edited January 1970
    No it wasn't, it was part of the predecessor to this site, called Zebra Links. Glad you think this one is thriving - I'm not entirely sure about that, but it has built up a few posts over the years I guess.
  • FBE Rocks
    edited January 1970
    Well. you'll be glad to know this is the top of google search list for architecture forum. this site is the best of its kind in australia.
  • peter_j
    edited January 1970
    Welcome FBE
    Crikey! You're right about Google, it even gets on the front page of google world wide. Just need a few more people posting though... gets a bit quiet sometimes.
  • peter
    edited March 2008

    Some advice for people posting longer posts - type the post into Word or Notepad rather than into the online box. Then copy it into the box. This is because the forum might decide that you have logged out.


    An easy way around the problem is to tick "remember me" when you login.

  • I've updated the forum software as the previous version was about to conk out. Same software as I've had since 2008, it just looks completely different because it's the future now.
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