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  • Loving these - I can imagine Philip Glass looking with interest at that 1975 New York one by Hardy & Hillary. It's Twilight Zone soundtrack doesn't quite do it justice.
  • This old post has a tsunami of traffic arriving at it from Facebook this week, so I thought I should remind y'all that the post quotes Annie Choi. You can find more of her unique take on life here: http://www.annietown.com/
  • Thanks for the updates Bruno, I haven't heard anything about it elsewhere. Is everything above from hansard or did you pop in? It would be great to get a thorough report out for discussion as I don't think many have a clue what's going on.
    in ARBV RIP? Comment by peter_j May 2013
  • Yep that's a rather sour piece. Trying to work out what it means... How can it be 'superficial' for architects and critics to talk about things like the philosophy behind a building's design. What is 'deep' then?
    BTW Looks like it's by a simil…
  • Any idea who the "Governor in Council" is? I assume that's Matthew Guy too. Looks like the ARBV is becoming a sort of referral mechanism back to the minister. Scary.
    in ARBV RIP? Comment by peter_j May 2013
  • More nonsense apartment building speak. 450 Smith St: YOUANDI (should live together)
  • They wear a bit of black at Richard Meier's office. And they don't look too happy.

  • I haven't seen it yet - better wander down the shops and have a looksy!
  • The corner building gets go ahead from Heritage Victoria...
  • Update: CS Monitor doesn't think it's all bad.
  • And so it happens: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/grocon-new-westpac-state-headquarters-in-collins-st/story-fn7j19iv-1226222273553
  • The Age has an article on the buildings interior refurbishment by SJB Interiors, in which Muller is interviewed:

    "'The [original] brief was to build an office building and three theatres in such a way that if the theatres were empty and…
  • ^
    I think those images went off the foulnessometer but I can't remember.
    I prefer to walk.
    Dunno, just pulling out the noxious weeds from time to time.
  • Oh golly. Baillieu makes his mark. Any further info/links?

    I didn't think we had a periphery any more, haven't they pretty much done away with the UGB?
  • Nice set.

    Does the Aldo do anything differently inside or is it the same old story, yards of open-fronted refrigerators and '80s hit muzak?
  • Hi eye,
    could you be more specific about what your current role is at the practice? If you are a nominated architect for the practice that would mean you are on a salary? Getting some sort of percentage cut of a project fee sounds unlikely and…
  • This building is currently getting the floor to ceiling window treatment and a new facade. Good reuse I suppose, but I'll miss the old beast.
  • Hi again Justin, do you have any pics? I don't know much (or anything) about the Murphys.

    Things have gone a bit quiet in the forum since facebook's explosion, but despite lack of posts, visitor traffic from google is still heavy, so y…
  • Fascinating and very educated take on things Justin. Thanks.
  • Fairfax trying to get in on zombies - waste of bandwidth. So I'll link it anyway.

  • They make a bit of noise, but perhaps it needs to be seen in comparison to the dirty coal stations in the Latrobe Valley. They are surely worse blots on the landscape, and the smoke plumes and pollution are worse than humming rotors. Unless you live…
  • The pic in the Hun shows the building set further North.. maybe The Age visualisers have been at it again.

  • That is the image I had been waiting to see Herr GH. I could not work out how they had obtained planning permission to site it on Victoria St. It looks like he is drinking a glass of milk..
  • Still lots of architects in black though. I used to think it was because black doesn't show the creases - architects don't have time to iron.
  • I have seen architects in skinny pants & fixies. Some sort of retro Tour de France / Kraftwerk thing going on?

    That's just an excuse for me to link this cool vid.
  • Oh, and well done Dharma Bum, I hope you enjoyed your victory.
    in Quiz #1 Comment by peter_j August 2010
  • Fascinating link Mark. Though it does point to Gruen's influence in the later stages of the design.

    An elderly past employee of Gruen's once told me that Victor would be rolling in his grave if he knew how his name had been transformed …
    in Quiz #1 Comment by peter_j August 2010
  • I know of three smaller practices desparate for project architects and grads with 4 years +. But I too have taken to making my own lunch.
    in Downturn? Comment by peter_j July 2010
  • Thanks Neville. If I find anyone grazing or bathing in my disused carpark, I will take swift action!

    Abbatangelo will probably be doing nicely now that that entire area has been swallowed up by the Urban Growth Boundary.

  • I don't get pay TV. What are they saying and what is the message?

    I understand that the local version coming to our screens is more focused on the work of architects than the UK original. I didn't hear that at a dinner party - I haven't…