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It's not easy being green.

Time was when as a young German jewish communist you could train up as an architect, design a building which looked like a pineapple, correspond with your friends and colleagues about the possibilities of architecture, crank out a few thousand units of social housing, get banned by the Nazis, go to Russia, go to Japan and write a book about Japanese architecture then go to Turkey and crank out a few more buildings, design a catafalque for Mustafa Kemel's funeral, die prematurely at 58 and become the only non Moslem buried in the Martyrs' Cemetery in Istanbul.

Now there's the whole troublesome issue of green.

Let's kick it around and see where it goes.

Heres something to get the ball rolling. Recycled denim insulation.


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    whats to discuss - adam bandt could be the etu farting in the wind?
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    Time was when a young suburban bogan could rock up as a 1-D ruckman, drift into architecture, get through with a faculty pass, destroy a few nice suburban footy grounds attempting to be one, slide into politics, hand out some jobs to a few mates, wreck the state's planning system, learn to dog whistle and turn a safe labor seat into a marginal

    now theres the whole troublesome issue of the windsor.

    here is something to get the ball rolling. Liberal pulls a higher primary vote in Essendon.
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    Not easy savin' ya suburb while being green either.
    The ex planning minister / goldhung boy / ski instructor/ bored member of green billdung countshall's old seat took a pounding from "angry" 45-55 year old men with base ball bats.
    Libs took out primary vote - after not putting in a candidate for years. !
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    Unfounded rumour - gravitarse is the VSGA for another 3 years.
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    That would mean the marxico's tax payer funded copy of Heat ..... and Placefakers, the coffee table book on labor design inc would still be on track for the remainder tables. Well founded rumour says prof. toad has written the forward. Anyone know the launch date?
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    ^ just in time to use as a canberra door stop.
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    Well there goes marxico.

    ?r? bhagav?n uv?ca
    k?lo 'smi lokak?ayak?t prav?ddho; lok?n sam?hartum iha prav?tta?
    ?te 'pi tv? na bhavi?yanti sarve; ye 'vasthit?? pratyan?ke?u yodh?? (11:32 = MBh 6.33.32)

    As the Lord Krishna said to Arjuna on the battlefield:
    Doom (time) am I, full-ripe, dealing death to the worlds, engaged in devouring mankind.
    Even without your slaying them not one of the warriors, ranged for battle against thee, shall survive. verse 32 from Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad Gita

    What now?

    Suggestion: Antarctica - south of everything and led by a non-practising Iceberger architect.
  • This one is special.
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    It is the only occasion that Kermit is sad :( poker machines

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