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    green ring or yellow bruno? -

    - the black heart is under stress from invasive but impotent green algae bloom.
  • It hardly matters info. Green, yellow, black...........who cares?

    Some guy from The Club of Rome introduced me to this graph at the RAIA Sunbury Convention in 1972 and I'd say we are about where the blue and purple lines cross for the first time now.

    The sad truth is there's not much you, me or green(haus)building council can do about it.

    Ava Gardner may have been right.

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    ^ the inane farce graph.

    Measuring the march of Adam Band-aid (failed lawyer/spouse of former Gillhard staffer), as he is fired from a cannon and parachuted back into his own electorate - who equipped with the facts de-support the first private members bill of the first environmental party elected to the lower house?
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    Charlie Brown wanted it to be a bill to regulate unrecycled toilet paper.
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    back on topic.
  • ^^

    Why stop at green gay marriage?
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    The ship deserting the rats?
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    Signage on Dorcas Street
  • Could it be preparation for Big Ted & Mr Guy's Urban Renewal Authority? Retro planning policy looks set to be the Coalition way.
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    Directions to a "safer" place, when the BAL 40 apartment tower in inner city melbourne burns down during a wildfire triggered by a melted tram on the above ground tracks.
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    There's no substitute for saying it with bricks. It's the Australian way.
  • Could it be that a Frank Gehry Limited Edition Mazda 6 is on the streets.
    Contrary to Gehry's usual approach it looks perfectly normal from the front and the distortion is concentrated at the rear.
  • A few weeks ago I enjoyed the community celebration as the Hepburn Wind turbines were intalled at Leonards Hill. Even cowboys are part of this community. I have a 12000th share, about 450mm2. Theoretically this offsets about a third of my electricity consumption in Kew.
  • On Saturday I took a drive up to Waubra to listen to the turbines. 129 turbines around a small rural town. Some people are very distressed by the sound, or is it just their perception of the sound? It's an interesting question, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for the moment.
    Is a windfarm an industrial landscape?
    Are we still stripmining rural amenity for urban gain?
    It's not easy being Green.
    Here's the view from the road.
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    They make a bit of noise, but perhaps it needs to be seen in comparison to the dirty coal stations in the Latrobe Valley. They are surely worse blots on the landscape, and the smoke plumes and pollution are worse than humming rotors. Unless you live next to them. I guess the coal stations and power lines in the Latrobe become less ugly to locals as they provide them employment, and have become part of the valley's identity.

    How did you buy a share of a wind turbine?

    PS I have demoted the forum link on the front page of butterpaper due to lack of activity. If activity increases it'll go back on. I realise that's a bit chicken and egg, but there hadn't been a post in here for so long I wondered if it had died. Still, checking the stats, there are a lot of readers in here, even if they aren't posting.
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    Buy your wind farm shares here or

    Here at the BTI we have $1000 invested in the Hepburn Wind community wind farm co-operative and have just had Origin Energy's photovoltaics installed on our roof. On the back of an envelope this offsets our LaTrobe Valley brown coal electricity consumption.

    Still need the transmission lines though for the odd moment when the sun isn't shining and we need power from the windfarm, or we have an excess of photovoltaic to feed into the grid, or when the sun isn't shining and the wind has stopped too.
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