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Inspired by Venice 2010 Piazzasalone a road trip exploring Australia, cars and architecture.

...and what better place to start than our own pioneering iconic building.


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    marxican alternative.
  • Looks like a Foord Taurus to me. An interesting car a few of which were sold in Australia. The third generation Taurus introduced a design treatment which appeared to borrow heavily from the work of Salvador Dali in his soft clock phase. They looked like they were melting. No one liked them unfortunately. The idea is getting a re-run on a block of flats in StKilda though.
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    Ford Probe, a favourite with proctologists in the 90s. Likes to wear boots.
  • Ford'd think they'd have seen that one coming wouldn't you.

    Time was when in the USA word association linked probe with space with an American in command. Then along came Eric Cartman.

    Still most self respecting architects wouldn't be seen dead in a Ford. wille robin boyd own house&fn=search&mode=Basic

    With luck this link will take you to the back of Walsh Street and let you see Robin's DS and Patricia's Fiat 500. God they were cool.
  • Didn't work did it.

    When you get to the State library search page just add to peter (already there) wille robin boyd own house.

    If you are unaware of the Peter Wille collection just browse around it a bit.
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    Does anyone care what Robin BoyD drove.
    He didn't. He drove a rambler bruno.
  • Interesting you should ask info. Probably just seduced by celebrity I suppose.

    What interests me about Robin Boyd's cars is the progression from the early optimism of a second hand Standard 8 at Riversdale Road through a series of Citroen DS which, despite their mechanical problems projected an air of European sophistication to, if Geoffrey Serle has his facts right, at Frederick Romberg's suggestion, a Studebaker Hawk with dodgy airconditioning and ending with a Dodge Phoenix hardtop and increasing frustration and despair with the progress of his professional career.

    I'm unaware of the Rambler but I'll take your word for it.

    I drive a Camry myself and keep a picture of an FJ Holden in my carport.

    Don't know what those guys at Merchant Builders were thinking about but if you put a real car in there you just can't open the doors.
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    As if you'd take a knob like Romberg's advice on a car? You just explained why his career went down the toilet. If he was smart he would have driven a Brougham to go with his suits.
  • Well it just shows you can't be too careful choosing your partners.

    Now just south of the border down Marxico way you can find the Murray Valley Private Hospital.

    When the photo below was taken it was still the Clyde Cameron College, a nest of trade unionism planted by the Whitlam Government which was finally stamped out by John Howard in the early 90's.

    The now Murray Valley Private Hospital was designed by Architects Group. Now these were partners you might want to have, Kevin "Tubby" Borland, former communist, mate of Bob Hawke and Citroen driver, Osrick Spence, retired Commonwealth Bank manager/architect, Phillip Cohen, gun detailer and nice bloke and Max May, engineer/architect and occasional Porsche driver. A lot of now middle aged architects worked in their office in Peel Street Collingwood and look back on their time there with affection.

    It interests me that it seems to have been turned into a hospital with almost no apparent alteration to the building.

    See also this link for some earnest architectural blogging:
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    Didn't burnthard browneye & arsesohChates do that? What he says!

    Stumbled over it short time ago. Its taken a deep breath, expelled all its air and sagged after looking like a french chick for 30 years - will probably fall down now.

    love the cuban hearse and lurch door bell in the port coat chair.
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    Got any shots of the Harold Holt with a classy-less vehicle bruno?
    Tubby had partners you wouldn't want to have ----- pockets now lined with filthy rupiah.
  • No photos yet info.

    I drove past yesterday and it was bearing the mark of Kane.

    With luck it will become something rotund and clad in black neoprene with flippers but with Jacko and a lot of middleaged Brutalist sentimentals watching Peddle Thorpe's every key and mouse stroke I suspect not.
  • Auburn Kindergarten and Childcare Centre. Design v Workmanship. Ross Ramus' 70's antiformalist statement of gasketed fibreglass panels extended in blueboard. The panels with the little windows for the kids to look out were re-used.
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    Sack all the trans tasman, west of Ceduna and Gaggiaville gangsta fudgers and give you the history gig job bruno.

    Keep em rolling.
  • Westgate Bridge fell here 40 years ago exactly at 11.50 Friday 15 October.
  • Australia world's 'dumb blonde'? Looks like your worst fears are true info.

    Any thoughts anyone?
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    but they do dye it....., those blondes who have still got some.
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    Sam may be smarter than he is often given credit for....
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    Give you 1 guess on ze hair before he vas a POW.
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    Blondewood burl with copper tips.
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    Not Strawberry Blonde.
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    Post Capitalism Blonde.
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    New Paradigm Blonde.
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    Marxican Blonde with Pink Batt dog.
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    Still life with a pink dias, old paradigm blonde & beard.
  • b_nb_n
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    this is my ride, shame it's not my garage behind...

    one of the chaps in the previous photo is rumoured to have wanted one, doubt he'd fit, Italians not known for being tall...

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    Italian style with concrete the wonder material. The autostrada takes you everywhere.

    Nice to have a new voice I was beginning to suspect that info and herr greenhaus were the only other people still alive outside the pineapple bunker.

    In terms of the Smithson's concept of active socioplastics I still think it could use some black neoprene and flippers.
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    ^^^^^^^^, ^^^^^^^
    Good point greenhaus.
    Green stars are not the be all and end all and GBCA is a bit like the Catholic Church. Discussing sustainability is a bit like medieval theology. There will be Reformations and Counter-Reformations but ultimately we all must seek salvation through our good works.
    So keep nailing those theses to the door.
    I'm looking forward to the diet of worms myself.
    .....and if you want to reduce your electricity related greenhouse gas emissions by 20% minimum just build your Victorian building in any other state than Victoria. Mr Brumby could achieve his emissions targets tomorrow by replacing brown coal with black coal from Queensland. Now that would really give the QR float legs. A fast bulk freight line down the Newell Highway from south east Queensland to the La Trobe Valley, that's an infrastucture project.
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