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Architects wearing black.

edited August 2010 in architecture
It is interesting to see the Event listing for 'The look of the architect', a talk related to how Architects dress and the like.
There was mention of the stereotype of architectural staff 'always' wearing black. This is interesting as I've noticed a change from the Architects wearing black (my theory was that one needed to be prepared for unemployment and then you could get a job as a waiter) to Architects wearing black and riding Vespas (you could get a job in a restaurant kitchen) to Architects wearing skinny pants, v necks and riding fixies (get a job as a barrista).


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    I have seen architects in skinny pants & fixies. Some sort of retro Tour de France / Kraftwerk thing going on?

    That's just an excuse for me to link this cool vid.
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    Still lots of architects in black though. I used to think it was because black doesn't show the creases - architects don't have time to iron.
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    They wear a bit of black at Richard Meier's office. And they don't look too happy.
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