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Swann House in Melbourne

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone here who can provide any information about "Swann House" at 22 William Street, Melbourne? All I can establish is that it is an ex-State Electricity Commission of Victoria property, but cannot find anything else on it. Not even the date of construction or the architect. I assume the name "Swann House" is new, reflecting the new owners (and a tenant). In any case, it looks refurbished, and judging from the cornice, has had the top two floors added at some stage. The entrance (see below) makes the building look like a c.1930's construction to my eye.....




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    I must say that it is not one of my favourites.

    It has a little bit of art-deco detail, but it mostly an uninteresting early modern building.

    I think it was re-done as apartments at about the same time as the Customs building next door.

    I'll do some homework on it.
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