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worst 10 buildings 09.



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    no hagues, its your next idea.....
  • edited December 2009
    ^ not for Venice: Now and When
    Seijima would find regeneration efforts interesting.

    A bunker and sprinkler system would be a better tribute.
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    happy holidays cyber snipers.....
    i've enjoyed the dialogue over the past weeks even though i don't know what the fck you're talking about most of the time.
    barry signing-off for 09
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    C St. J's birmingham drawings barry. unbelievable detail in the hair braiding as built.

    happy hols barrys.


    whose behind the nissan? don't mind the look of bricks but going camo is soft cock in the end.
  • edited December 2009
    7^ Messiah
    What exactly is the difference between the government spending 8M on centrelink health shed for hypocondriac fat whites or the bark burger? A waste either way I would have thought.
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    ^^^^ re venice hagues - woodhead and bangarra! gravitarse has signed up 4 dots on the jumbo jet.
    meaning of tribute no?
    in lieu of reply, prefer to nominate u 4 golden drill bit for boring more empty holes in da waffle iron & failing to exercise your demoncratic right on norwegian wood v curry tree under the omnipotence paradox.

    ^@ luke. someone should give u a dishonourary doctorate 4 your research work on idle worship - tops.
    1 from the cabbie, chilean church from last years top 10 done now done in toto - tilings alright. fcuken nice compared to bloated aussie bs. wos a good call from our man behind the wheel last year. free short b & s at the salon in 2010 for u cabbie as prize for taste and style.

    origami hagues v - > 0 hick mark required when bending up one piece of crete paper.
    compare with calvin klein Big M milk bottle -> ? required.

    nearly XMAS. b time to close it off soon.
  • edited December 2009
    ^ Make that a +vote from me HD for the omnipotent Messiah.
    If someone was offering I am sure I would pass on the free medical certificate, there are enough quacks with tokens in mexico to service boganville if we run short.
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    4^ that's a sweet stjohn building HD - by the press it's getting, it's his next best thing.

    the braided brick is from neeson murcutt - they had an image on their website of the recycled brick wall which was really beautiful - but barry's boys are inta bricks....
  • edited December 2009
    u bet barry. lace work in concrete = !!!!!!. green colour = antique. pom pom pom like an old lighthouse. 4 hd its best limey haircut since Stirling and Gowan. 0 hick mark required.

    re braided brickwork. figures - thought it was half ok to start but concluded gay arsed.
    -when in doubt reitveld it out - more bloated haussie b s?
  • ^7 I'm with you barry, this clique speaks in tongues for 90% of the time or shifting goal posts.

    Its worst building not worst detail i would have thought.
    camel toes, trees, wot next?
  • edited December 2009
    you're not a very good aim hagues, goal posts never shift, its a huge target....
    more CPD perhaps ??
    can U can tell us...???
  • edited December 2009
    ^^thought? - ho ho ho - whose the xmarse clickhead s
    no goals, 0 whinner, positions + disposal hagues.
    4 u, y stay unless 2 play the mexoeverymans?

    Wurst? u's talk like good boy whitey with a combover monobrow kicking sand in the kindie play pit.
    y not betta? - 10 of the baddest - u r rooster skulls or no it alls with out of town rules?
    like it says at the door, yo best bitch per 08? ur loaded shottys got a hair trigger, in latin 1/4 and boganville ha has on the street 4 hagues da hackman stepping in limelight coiler with laces untied?
    how many times a day is a broken watch right?
    whos barry? wheres the info? wots a collar? whose your daddy? hd, honda jazz or suzi cuppachino?
    pull a back yard tomatoe lady's chain & book a happy new year of arseimulation in the karma sutra bi monthly - get retied to the bed 4 a 6 star stroking - (gravitarse likes to watch but?)
    code or crap hagues. ask Gustav, Siegfried or Eins, all r handy with a hairdryer.
    Need youse 2 cast a vote on norwegian wood v curry tree hagues or its holding the ball + blowing smoke.
    Big bad best dressed wolf says Messiahs in the details?
  • edited December 2009
    ^ Colonial English please.
    (apologies HD but its a game of possession mate)

    The Messiah can't help getting off his cloud at Straddie and going off half cocked in the real world HD.
    ...........................sucker punched and history repeats.

    The new Nissan Veneers a heap of shit Barry.

    ---on that Caruso St. John HD, I might have to agree with your form guide on the new mare at the stables. Lovely mane and I am looking forward to the track action next year.
  • edited December 2009
    ok - in latin pidgin 4 u luke a nod to exclusive h8ties inclusivism that holds its own in mexico with the last auto piloted po mo corpwhorate offices in the world and gives hagues a purpose in life to cum out of rehirement.
    the #1 fashion faux pas of 09.
  • edited December 2009
    ^Did a seagull with the squirts just fly out of the shot? ANd is that a high five?
  • edited 9:38PM
    high 4 hackshully.
  • edited 9:38PM
    im gonna vote no.1 (hands down): St.Kilda council for spending $5M and having the guts to give a clean triangle a good name again. The perfect hole?
  • edited December 2009
    a clear #1.
    but it ain't over yet. crown land with commercial use covenants remains a tick tocker 4 the future.
    interesting 2 contrast with Fed Square. Similar but not identical crown land with conditions.
    jeff had more imagination than the drunks dad/harcourt accountant/ski instructor put together?-
    probably helped not to go 4 a cobbler + league of cabor tossers designs 2.
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    Non, Nouvel.
    Cette boite de musique est formidable.
  • edited 9:38PM
    In Horstralian please Collar ...
  • edited December 2009
    collar says no? Jean Jeanie is #1.
    something can be arranged.
  • edited December 2009
    GS1 10 baddest boys of 09
  • edited December 2009
    #1. st. killed ah - perfect hole.
  • edited December 2009
    #2 irish cultural centre, derry, N Ire, odonnell-tuomey
  • edited December 2009
  • edited December 2009
    #2 CC, melbourne EN8ch.
  • edited December 2009
  • edited December 2009
    #2 copenhagen opera house, jean jeanie.
  • edited December 2009
    #2.9 happy hauses - dha/owen+vokes.
  • edited December 2009
    #3.8 church, phillipines, stan allen.
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