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Corb caning

edited November 2009 in architecture
Theodore Dalrymple sure doesn't like Le Corbusier.

[via archinect]

Entertaining OTT reading. He doesn't like modernism (and concrete) at all, and Corb is the architect who should shoulder the blame for all that followed him. He was incompetent, did only "appalling work", was obsessed with fast cars, probably had Asperger's, and "was the enemy of mankind". Architects only like him today because of a "totalitarian temptation."

Prince Charles will no doubt find this article useful.


  • Where was Dalrymple the last 30 years, hiding under a rock?
  • edited November 2009
    wot was the last thing herr carbusiah saw out his beady little double glazed eye b 4 he went under?
  • Le Corb meant well,
    Provided cheap easy fix for bureaucrats.
  • edited 7:59PM
    2 more guesses left.
  • edited November 2009
    Not saying boxed up ghettos is good but better than
    leaving the masses in the slums of Paris.

    Theres more to it than hairstyles.
  • edited November 2009
    got such a hare trigger u have almost emptied your magazine.
    - no......... he didn't see his hairpiece just b 4 he went under the drink.
    got 1 guess left.
  • I smell hair burning, ease off the hair dryer
  • edited 7:59PM
    what was it hd....nothing cause he didn't have his glasses on ?
  • edited November 2009
    ^ha ha ha. dunno if i can top that cabbie.

    ^^ha. b swedish gremlins tires spinning on fish and chip shop oil hagues. wind your single glazed windows up.
  • edited November 2009
    he saw this and he knew he was fcuked.
  • edited November 2009
    drowned right out the front. but not before he'd wiped his filthy scrawny arse all over her beautiful girls
    EG2.jpg 59.9K
  • edited 7:59PM
    laying down his lame arsed neo neod picarso scrawl.
  • edited November 2009
    and building out her view with his dopey dunny + dickhead in profile giving her the finger.
  • edited November 2009
    what an a hole of a neighbour she had to put up with.

    Dalrymple is an underachiever.
  • Corbs got fans even amongst the bourgoise'Habitation
    Dalrymple and HD should buy the original not the abundant fakes.

    The dopey dunny profile would be a collectors item now.
  • edited November 2009
    if only a snob would chuck good money after bad and lock it in a vault to dribble over?
    still a blot on the landscape. bit like his ugly fuggen grave.

    there is no carbusieh original...?
  • edited 7:59PM
    Eileen Gray left E1027 and Cap Martin in 1932 according to this summary..

    Then Corb's colonisation could begin.

    But Dalrymple ain't ranting about Corb the swimmer, though it does seem he was incompetent at that.
  • edited 7:59PM
    Yep HD you're probably bang on about Corb's last squint.
    E1027 is at bottom right.
    Corb's local beach is at the top.
    I love this Bing maps thing, even if it is Microsoft's.
  • edited November 2009
    too cool the hairael picture. dunny to right and just out of pic @ bottom?
    her problem was the hop head beard? crap with Lee Cubarseah kicking sand started with him?

    ^nice www that one - irish take their barbering seriously.
    v check this PJ. E1027 - antithesis of Lee Cubarseiah? ....... hair style is all there is hagues.

    Dalrymple pulling his punches. Lee Cubarsiah sucked up 2 the Vichy flogging his mega city- then crawled back to his cousin who had been blowing up german trains. red mayor of Firminy neva forgot......ha ha ha. Lee wos nothing special + a turd to top it off. have seen a CJ haircut 2 - wot a dud? but hey, hd marching to his own drum. if people wanna make shrine doll out of 1 eye - ho kay.
  • edited 7:59PM
    ^ this deserves a thread of its own
    too funny mr no style flaps his gob
  • edited November 2009
    outlinedickhead has thick skin cape horn for himself cabbie - stands behind it 2, thats a +.

    self loathing-hagues dam of faint praise 4 Lee giving good 7/11store is spoken like convicts in govt. chains wearing hackman and robben masks - quietly think they r betta than the escaped swiss clock mechanic?
    real barbers have love or hate tatts for the frog in the balloon.

    messy murder cold crime scene deserving 1/2 a thread of its own - lots of fingerprints/no one standing bhind.
    old school goggle map v
  • edited 7:59PM
    picked up a blackshirt from a 21st there....
    couldn't handle the piss....spewed in the back seat...
    hosed em down at the car wash and made em clean the cab.....
  • edited 7:59PM
    bridge + tunnels binge drinking. neva a pretty sight.
  • edited December 2009
    a regulars putting in new windas for adjacent inhabitants of teen sex outlines job.
    reckons there r 3 massive air con plants stacked against back fence always going hard.
    to quote t s outline.
  • edited December 2009
    Rem Koolhaas reconfiguring Corb +glass+wealthy middle class+trees- concrete
    Still looks like a blight on the landscape.
  • edited December 2009
    how many months + how many domus do u need to draw up a sand pit hoarding,
    cop show beard glues failed and its hanging off the fake moustache.^

    thread needs anutha cold crime scene 2 make it interesting investigation drama 4 the viewers.
    Flying squad infiltrates lycra wearing biker club planning to dig up lawn.
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