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venice revisited



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    ...and the Opera House? Correct me if I'm wrong (or dumb) but isn;t that from Sydney? So why is it there - all blown up like?
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    ^south of rio in joke skywalker - blow up doll gang raped by wrinkled rum spawn in the 60s diverts attention from mexmasonic shardbendover - what u can't ken done u blow smoke over.

    looks to me like big bark grub has done a hatchet job on cobblers Museum of Oi Oi Oi too. dozed aussie backyard and bunged a fire place in as a freshened up focus. nice backwards handpass to wipe the ancestor slate clean and start again? ......comes out more like a plasterboard bogan's idea of a bonny putting some rocks in a circle?

    lucky tonto+co. came along or witchety grub woulda been a spent force doing donuts in his repo-ed vannamobile like the cobblers. or maybe not lucky. nice idea that VB lost me country help me find it thing but its soft and doesn't fly if u ask me - was a wobbleboard tune played by a couple of already overs? .....................but it was their wobblebored.
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    Re "blundering through the bush" at p.3:

    Does any one care to explain where the '230' figure comes from?

    2008 - 230 = 1778

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    certainly blundering.....
    the new pastiche, no ?????
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    ^^ nearly said wot collar?
    @ a guess- dulux colour formula for interior design prix cabbie.
    1770 = 236 in 06 cook
    1788 = 218 in 06 1 fleet.

    had to reread the bark ditty and picked up the 230 as --correction of lone ranger and tonto?
    grub is an averaging colour blind creature and crawls in between to get round copyright knots? - still i don't think any whiteymans came here in between.

    this link is less interesting than your mills & boons hot under the collar.
    good question asked but - y we don't see more indigenous faces?
    answer in architecture is fat grubs have to do the TeeHESS Elliot on acropolis and convert available oxygen molecules into their shit stinking carbon dioxide.
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    The current paradigm is defined by a paternal relationship - indigenees are to be helped by us.
    Maybe the real shift will occur when we/RAIA/VB/RAP/etc realise that it is us who needs their help.
    But, not likely, that would require a Berlin-wall-come-down moment of revelation - and as Mr Terracini observes, we are too mean spirited to enable this.
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    wondered why AA did no coverage back when -
    figured it was bury embarassment on behalf of AuIA.
    Then when kiwi tomato grower name popped up 3rd time lucky had the horticulturalist down as a part time mechanic into wheel greasing own vehicle.

    ^ Had not thought of her as a person who needed help b4.
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    ^why not - she's been australianised
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    VB news - Sejima is the boss for 2010

    Aussie theme missed the boat again
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    its irrelevant to AuiA who runs the get together show and theme.
    not going there to talk ideas - its a trade show - no?
    y they pick their curators before now.
    only country out there that thinks they r better than the rest and whose theme remains eternally themselves.

    re Sejimas understatement - hot aussie brown coal generated bubbles will go over her head?

    AuIA should reduce its ecological bootprint off shore?
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    Here's an eye opener for Seijima's quest for "duality".
    do an expose on the Christmas Isand detention centre. It addresses the duality of inside-outside, urban sprawl and the Ozzie zeitgeist. I thinks its a winner.
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    jap hard b$%ch is not for duality? unless i can't read. she's calling out the boundary.

    AN - think wot you got is a loser idea? - sounds good for 0.5 seconds..
    world already knows aus is a racist white suckfest - soft left says excuse me, xenophobic please + far right reckons its just neighbourhood watch thankyou.

    -aus needs to get a soul. put the u and n back into the c and the t.
    its hypothetical "burning" down christmas island on a gallery wall.
    get rid of the pavillion and leave nothing behind. be the first country to say the garden is better?
  • I like to exhibit my body board, my sketch pad, photo diaries of recent trips and my webber bbq. Visitors are allowed to touch my exhibits. I haven't installed any artwork or done any pro-bono work lately.
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    webbers and mantas on luggage racks r last year.

    gollum will be interested in whoreing up your sketch pad but he takes the photos not u.

    Exhibit #2 likes to be touched?

    packets with just vanilla tim tams r bland.
  • sodsod
    edited November 2009
    venetians should do themselves a favour and decide who goes on show - couldn't be any worse than the bogan pride self selection comittee scab efforts.
    0.5 seconds of an idea is better than none. ivan could work with christmas island.
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    true - ivan would work with anything for a $.

    Xmas Island should go to WAF? Be interesting to see who has the nerve to stand next to it.
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    Xmas w*nkers
    So Sod - your saying that a crap idea is better than none?

    The mob out at Maralinga still waiting:
    The Japs would get it
    But not Kilt/Centrelink/Gravitarse - still scratching their nuts looking how to kill someone else's idea
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    so your saying they should do nothing luke. its got a lot of +s for hairstylists who think the national brand is getting diluted for non consenting citizens.

    ^place for that idea is british pavillion. tjarutja mob ought to ring them up. remind them they lost yagans skull too.
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    Modern Brits have moved on
    We are still Menzies Brits - don't kid yourself, take a look at our money - that's HRH's stamp

    Steal a little you're a thief, steal a lot you're a king (Dylan)
    (or running the VB)
  • To participate in the Biennale, do we have to wear one of these?
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    With regard to her concept for the Biennale, Kazuyo Sejima has declared:
    "The Biennale must be everything and anything, fundamentally inclusive, in dialogue with both contributors and visitors. Buildings, the atmosphere that they create and the way in which they are conceived, can be the central starting point of the coming Biennale. Very broadly, the process by which we design can be brought to bear on contemporary and future architectural discussion. I.e. we can select and arrange works such that they are understood as they are rather than as representations. This can be manifested with an architecture grounded in its use by people.

    We are now well into the 21st Century. We can take this opportunity to step back and assess the zeitgeist of now through the process of the Biennale. This can clarify contemporary essentials of architecture and the importance of new relationships as we step into the future. One potent point of departure could be the boundaries and adaptation of space. This might include the removal of boundaries, as well as their clarification. Any part of architecture’s inherent multiplicity of adjacencies can become a topic. It might be argued that contemporary architecture is a rethinking and perhaps softening of those borders.

    inside and outside
    individual and public
    program and form (form and function)
    physical and virtual
    contemporary and classical
    past and future
    harmony and discord
    structure partition
    art and architecture
    nature and man

    Perhaps the oxymoron can represent a productive new paradigm; can these binaries (intersections of public/private, global/local, artificial/natural, monumental/mundane, complex/simple, symbolic/pragmatic, fake/authentic, active/passive, thickness/thinness) lead to a duality capable of blurring these boundaries? How can the unexpected interdependency of extraordinary spaces create a communal/symbiotic dialogue between adjacencies? Equally, there is another thread of interest; people in architecture, human encounters in both public and private scenarios, both as creators and users. This is an issue of individual life in interplay with the community. It may be as simple as ‘people meet in architecture.’ In its totality the Biennale can both a new and active forum for contemporary ideas as well as a close reading of buildings themselves."

    Have I misread her? Xmas island is all about boundaries.
    Design for humanity. Touch the Earth lightly. ocean views should be accessible not partitioned off.
  • If Xmas leaves a sour taste,

    The good will after Black Satday should leave a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    SOme images are quite poetic. Designs from the Bushfire commission?
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    Is that you Centrelink?
  • sodsod
    edited November 2009
    xmas isn't a bad idea - better than the scab survey last time around and what will follow
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    its Hague. he has a tendency to repeat what other people say.
    reckon these auia dudes r 1st. catagory petty thieves (in their genes speaking of brits) .

    the problem with XMAS IL is that its a scale model representation of aus?
    Sejy is up 4 real things? - "as they are" - (the first para that Hague thoughtfully, but never the less redundantly, resupplied in full here. )

    If mainland xmas islanders were honest they would build a prison in the giardini and arrest visitors moving between national pavilions and chain them up in a compound they unilaterally excise from the italians by declaring the nordic lease terra nullus. Any would be evil farrellys could be shut down through a deal with indonesia in an historically accurate reconstruction of occupied timor in plywood.
  • ^^
    A scale model representing oZ? Oz is many things.
    Seji's Oxymoron?


    Who are these imaginary friends?
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    an oxymoron =ie , the narcissistic anti narcissist.
    y do the mexiguess at what Sejys saying when u can look up a dictionary.

    whitey boy australia is a prison island - an old shaving business boss once said to me -
    u will finish an enterprise the way u started it.

    lukes a bender not too fond of mexican blackshirts far as i know.
  • Scissorhands,
    Do you drive one of these? Hop in and enlighten us which haircut will be in vogue in Venice?
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    talking to me narco?
    timeless armed services spec short back and sides + occasional rock stars / drug cop mullets in the salon. scissors r only used for effect these days - all computerised 3d shavers.

    drive me gmh green HD standard to work - its got a boot full of home beautifuls i've been meaning to take to the tip.

    u'd have to ask chrome dome black shirt mexican barbers who drive silver hybrids about vogue.
    they get em airfrieghted in from paris.

    VB is ideas and style? - when mainstream mexico fringe catches on its fashion. i can't help u get in front of what u will always be behind.
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    HD_straddie is where the colony's mentally ill were sent to be ignored. The history of Straddie pretty much the same as xmas... nothing new here SOD, it's as bad as last time - APPROPRIATION is how we know we're Aussies, so at least we're consistently sh*t. Now there's a theme .......why upgrade when we can downgrade hardcore?
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