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venice revisited

edited July 2009 in architecture
Looks like the (R)AIA is having another crack at the carnival

The race stewards have had a good cleanout after the miserable failure last year
Although anyone connected to the last two efforts should have met with the vet
Even Lucy has taken her money and run

Same branded horse different rider?


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    The race shall be known as the 'Venice AIA Handicap'
    A kind of State of Origin too - have to be Vic or NSW to enter - so bring proof
    Racing strips for hire
    Outsiders/previous winners need not apply
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    WA money is in. race is already rigged. be some pan-mexican junta.
    The big A, (Royal Ulster Review of Beards no. 110) has best take on 08 - reckoned bob dirtbag and the delegators S+M garden would have been easier on the eye with some Baz L films and a bit less green pot plants.

    Read REVIEW of weekend Australian while your getting a haircut.
    Faked up three horse race?
    dumb way to look at Brisbane.
    through sticky window display of Melbourne and Sydney tart shops.
    .......need brisbane racecaller on the PA hey?

    prof kim ill sung is side splitting in the dickension story.
    u can see him goose stepping around in his stagnant commie fish pond as he spits his homily.
    last time they wheeled him out was to rip into Glennda for having the nuts to do a house for an indigenous couple - and to piss on said indigenous couple for having the front to be middle class like most of whitey australia.

    Has got one good line in it though from Richy Rich - nice summary of dodgy racetrack.
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    WA money in? HaC? Does this mean Gravitarse is running the show?
    We're fu*cked then
    Centrelink seems to be well out of the stewards enclosure on the 3 strikes policy

    Hope the Lone Ranger and Tonto have another crack
    Just for the entertainment
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    not possible to move that fast luke.

    was 2 be a show on intervention housing. but there isn't any.
    centrelink fell by the wayside - choked on a fair old suck of the sauce bottle.
    idle whispers round the shop say its a mexican reconstruction story - copy of USA 06 - new orleans.
    its the aus. way - 1/2 a decade behind.

    ----bound to be sweet nothings.

    a queenslander will be fronting the new caring look?
    sure there is at least one willing - fall back will be wa inc. conga line.
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    Queensland will run its own race in 2010 (ala Placemakers 2008)
    Why deal with Venetian electricians and blonde bubbles

    Him Till could pull it off for the conga line - it needs a Machiavellian / chameleon type
    Alternatively Fatboyslim at UQ - he has always had his finger in the pie
    Otherwise, not the right kind of talent at Eagle Farm - more the dry weather runners

    The Australian got it wrong - even Tiger Air only wants to fly Melbourne/Sydney
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    has to be the benders. they were there in proxy last year warming up in the group 2 and put on a better govt funded show than the citrus fool. i like the idea of the fatboy but too close to venice 1.0 to get up. tim tam worries me probably recycle his conference agenda, but there is no end to his powers. give it to the marriages, architwoofus would have some cred and a crustyAA coalition of Prof Digi + Profette Sticky is a disaster waiting to happen.
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    ^ The Golden Spoon Stakes?
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    wheres talent come into it Luke?
    u need to pull your light saber out of your arse and smell the horse shit.

    marriages r out miles - ..?
    bob dirtbag's was unhappy.
    weekend REVIEW (Newsltd) was clark rubber product slot for launch pre spin?
    Message jumped off page. mexican/brazilian junta will pick banana curator to do a placemakers on confederation of dunces - brazilians slot Gravitarse burn out into sand groper promo in 012?

    - hairdressers got $ on SP/fat boy wearing a barrel out of Eagle Farm- who wants to pay for the shed at the bottom of the garden to be 1/2 full of 2nd tier nippon coilers - (except the japs?) in a compare and contrast with dry and white west pacific pavement logs.
    OtH be the obvious choice for the job.
    fallback? - many plastic mexican bananas that fall off the gateway bridge every day, just be a matter of taking a boat down there and plucking one out of the water. Hague would come over from Straddie in his tinnie and do the fishing.
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    No light sabers in the stables Hairdresser, just heaps of horsesh*t - been working to close to it to notice anything other than the spectacular pre-Melbourne cup dump each year.

    The last Sideshow attracted a couple of talented QLDers looking for a Stakes win - ScotchTape, German for Studio, Over the Hill, and OtH's ex-photocopy boys. Ambitious runners who didn;t count on their work remaining anonymous on the international stage - still unhappy even in the end. This gang seem to be turning up as much as Centrelink in the vic coffee mags = talented, no? Surely, you've seen them in the hair salon for a style cut - or are you too busy blowdrying?

    EIther way - for Q150: 5:1 OtH (odds on favourite); 10:1 ScotchTape (ambitious insider)
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    ^love the smell of hot air in the morning luke.
    i work the hair set - no money skull buffing mexicans.

    bootmakers, Scotch Tape, centrelink et al r 010 venice. curator is there to convince rest of world 1 more time they r missing something. the tanned hide has outlasted the wetbacks and inserted the hand up gravitarse - didn't feel it at first through his baby b fat?
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    odds shmodds.....its no wonder the black shirts aren't hailing anymore.....with ego's so are they expected to fit in the falcon....
    the real question is whether the organisers should give a party invitation after the poor form of the last two....????????
    the vote from the rank.....sub let the shed to a country that really has something to contribute.....
    pressed ham is pressed ham.....tastes like shite the world over.......
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    problem is inbuilt with royal society of building facilitators? -
    read the manual that goes with the italian job - still hammering delusion that its all about showing.

    concept of offering is beyond them - even a lease on the shed.
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    The issue isn't about talent/marriages/personalities of likely creative directors
    The broken model is that the Australia Council continues to engage the AIA as managers of the event
    And this is the real problem
    The AIA is a commercial association representing its commercial members - no more, no less
    Its systems prevent anything other - despite the in-house propaganda to the contrary
    Venice expects an exhibition of pure architectural ideas - an artisitic pursuit
    The AIA delivers a mercantile one - acting as the worst kind of project manager who keeps fiddling
    No creative director, irrespective of their brilliance can work freely in this model
    As such, the Australian contribution will continue to attract the kind of disparaging independent reviews as last year - or worse still, embarrased silence.
    1991 is the last genuine, unrestrained directorship by Nev Quarry - no project managed dilution of his curation, no commercial interests chipping his curatorial line - this is the model needed.
    If you have any real desire to critique the Australian contribution - write to the Australia Council.
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    Off your high horse info - the Australia Council like arch riders pretending to be artists. They even took money off the real artists this year to cover their last dud effort. And then stuck a mad max kangaroo groping w*nker in, just so Europe knew it was Aussie.

    Can't you smell the horse turds down here - the AIA is just the AC's b*tch on the inside barrier. Why would the AC do any better than the AIA?

    According to the stewards website - 57231 visitors went through a-bun-dance last year
    But lessor known is that 129323 visited the toilets on multiple occasions - some even flushed (see 'independent reviews').

    The rider will have to carry the AIA horse, fall half way, be shot, and a photoshop finish assembled by the in-house promo ambo. So, place your bets ...
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    Quarry show back in the early 90s was indie.
    federated barbers wiped their hands of architecture back then.

    parade director flicked it to Centrelink to pay the AC and AIA sit down money & send his postcard show - motivation would have been top shelf CV respectability.

    Centrelink didn't count on all mediocre mo fos in the country with Venice on the CV in less than a decade.

    cabbies proposal makes sense.
    - indie operators forget the shed shit show and sail as boat refos and apply for asylum in the rest of the garden.
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    i'm with info. we need to go back to the landlord. as usual our professional body has no head. AuIA had a 3yr masterplan. year1 leave no time to do anything decent due to internal squabbles amongst the architects wives that run the joint, the VICS had a good go but dad and dave were stifled by time budget and a need to be earnest, year2 try to placate the real core power of the organisation in sydney with alexander the great driving a big hug and a warm lemsip to all architects in the big happy family who chipped in $50. year3 gives them two options go qld and placate the emerging power OR go leftfield treehugging to show we are sensitive caring types despite the international press of racial hatred, bushfires and a shithouse cricket team. prediction> an exhibtion of environmentally responsive bushfire rebuilds for a reformed alcoholic indigenous family (with a disabled kid) in a marginal seat in queensland.
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    and kipnis will be the director of the big show. hates au since he got a hard time in syd over his gehry movie.
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    The stewards alread scratched Tonto and his mates in race 2 (Kipnis, Farrelly, Betsky etc didn't miss it though); am sure some other cultural attache/card will clean the stalls and stay away from the horses for new owners - maybe SS will play his empty race card? Either way no indigenous - alcoholic or not, left, right or centre.

    Bush fires are so last season too.

    I am putting my money on the Queensland Cup - a queensland rider - but an AIA horse.
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    very succinct miles.

    the cricket team is a worry.

    kipnis likes tasmania ?
    goes fly fishing there.
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    Tip from the track
    Keep an eye out for shady kilts skulking around the stables
  • edited 9:34PM
    shady kilts? you'll have to elaborate on that one
  • edited 9:34PM
    word ive heard is a bumper crop plenty to choose from
  • edited July 2009
    ^sounds abundant.

    @miles , qld = emerging power? a decade ago maybe.
    this century question is spent force.
    mexican awards looked very tired ...........again.

    @ luke - think kilt is too frayed to be shady - good as having no clothes.
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    - from the river of abundance.

    1. Epic Australia.
    Prof Baz L., UWA.
    2. Australian Urbanism.
    Ivan the terrible.
    3. 0
    Hey Hey Headetor + Rhodes scholar.
    4. Pre taste the Post Sprawl
    100% of Mexico gen YoB.
    5. Burn
    NSWSGA in waiting.

    banana benders non starter.
    -Hairdresser's money reverts to convention of SGA's fix disasters show.
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    I sure hope the Wilderness Society stays out of it.
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    Sydney, Melbourne, Melbourne, Sydney ... Melbourne?
    No.4 on the nose
    No.5 will pay
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    ^^ wilderness society will want something for their money as plutonium level sponsors.
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    Actually ladies, we're at the wrong race - should be watching the dog track
    The GA bunny will cross the line first
    grey.jpg 133.9K
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    Hmmm... seems we have always been into comprehensive displays of product/produce.
    Compare. AR on Dominion displays at 1938 Glasgow Exhibition.
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    Japan Times 2008 - on Venice:

    Some use the architecture of the pavilions themselves to evoke an idea, such as the Belgian pavilion's haunting empty spaces filled with confetti, alluding to the failing intercultural marriage of that country. Others, misguidedly, attempt comprehensiveness but succeed only in generating noise, as in the 300 models of the Australian pavilion.
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