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edited March 2009 in architecture
Shortlist down to 2 shopping centre designers to complete the Melbourne Bend Over Project.
WM/SJB and ARM/Elliot.
Slowmoving Gravitas of Architects would be punting WM/SJB to let him off the hook with his backers down at the Cobbler Shop and the Mormon Church?

Xbendigo school teachers mangled english vision>


  • hairdresser
    edited April 2009
    looks like the old fat lady gravit arse finally sang.

    get ready for the sandshoe? - limbos will need grip soles for bending over backwards while dancing round those twin chrome poles of sport and art at the wild horse in king street.
  • Neville K
    edited November -1

    Where does Juan get a haircut? I reckon 30 minutes short back and sides would be a rollercoaster....rollicking entertainment

    While you're waiting ...what do you think about minimalism?

  • hairdresser
    edited April 2009
    minimalism schminimalism.

    every hair is an ornament nev.
    - dare i dispute hague's learned thesis (interesting link).

    mores to the point - the NGV was fcuked by the old iti/fireballXL5 combo tarting it up and now i can see that another old favourite is gonna bite the dust to be transformed into something that belongs in canberra as a table subject on the ex communist dinner party circuit.

    best thing about the job might be the dumb beavis and butthead cafe gets the arse.
    (maybe they can ship it to tokyo and see if the japs have any love in return).
  • Neville K
    edited November -1
    HD your old sparring partner SS is getting some heat over in minimalism and things are hotting up:
  • hairdresser
    edited May 2009
    hague imagines the hairdresser is around every corner nev.
    life on resort islands can do funny things to fragile minds.

    ................minimalism isn't so interesting?
    most architects confuse it with medical fitouts.
    it has little relevance for the hordes of racists crowding the middle of the road to multicultural relativism.
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