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RRR - worst 10 buildings?



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    ^ merlin.

    talking like a hairdresser?
    thought you were a wizard mate.
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    #8 anyone?
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    ^hd. You thought wrong, again.
    Even your assertion that Sydney has now a sharp edge, apparently courtesy of Nick Murcutt.
    Sydney has often had a sharp edge.
    #8 Klien Bottle house. Bewdiful mate.
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    are you saying your the inspiration for bill hick's goat boy?
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    My wine making friends are much more interesting than you.
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    whose that? thought Gandolf was a teatoler
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    My dear hairdresser. You'll have to find a local talent.
    As for gandolf, who? and what is a teatoler?
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    @ info and miles. #8

    north avoca house - neeson murcutt.
    same time as lyon house by NMB(RRRlist).
    fragment of a bigger building they claim.
    least they r having an idea thats inside architecture and isn't a gumboot.
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    The problem of your list is that you are treating architecture as if it is a comodity in the same league as going to see the movies. It makes sense to have a top ten list of movies to appreciate as they're all available to see alongside the hundreds that don't make it to the list.
    Architecture is mostly a private contract to which none of us are privy of the finer details, but which most of us can visually access only from the facade or carefully edited interior shots taken with perspective adjusting lenses. Some of us can read a photograph and surmise site details and some plan and elevation drawings are available, but we can not all see all of the fabric and interiors or the site restrictions and clients wishes. We are all restricted to only a cursory understanding of the architecture in a building.
    Yes it is fun to exercise your taste buds but it is not contributing to a refinement of your palate. I am not being a snob, as I wouldn't waste my time here if i was, I am pointing out an analyitical failure which could benefit from an attempt to go much deeper into the building as HD has just done with the above section and elevation detail.
    To restrict your list to well lit exterior shots is to restrict your understanding to a voluntary facadism. You're making conclusions that must inherently be determined on your visual prejudices alone, if that's all the information you have. Vitriolic opinions on a private matter, even if based on accurate information is of no value what so ever. Le Corbusier was apparently a most unpleasant man in his personal life but why go there. It means nothing but pointless discrimination against his architecture.
    I personally, would enjoy your list much more if you all bothered to go at least as deep if not deeper into the buildings as HD's posted drawings have gone, so that you can actually discuss what it is you're discussing. I am sure you would all enjoy it more too.
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    rip van winkel back from 80s?
    when words justified turds,

    charles jeanneret = the crow.
    think about it - but not too hard?

    r u writing a book?
    because if u are can i just put my hand up now and say i'm not a buyer.
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    Maybe I am not just addressing you HD.
    Maybe you don't have a mandate to speak for everyone else.
    Maybe one cannot avoid talking down to you because you're so god damned low brow.
    Maybe not everyone wants to be just a footy card swapper for the rest of thier lives.
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    buckingham palace on the list for debate, good suggestion gandolf.
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    Worth a try ....

    #9 UME for not publishing in 2008 (think it through)
    #10 Haig Beck for not being an architect or a graduate of the AA
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    @hd good choice for #8
    take a couple of days off driving and the favourite passenger comes back....the boys down the depo said Archimedes was back at it......well its lucky that cabs have a gps device installed these days......better turn it back on for Archimedes, he never really knows which way to go.....
    back to regular shifts now the silly season is in full swing......
    keeping an eye out for #9 and #10 in travels around town...
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    @HD - suspicious of you forwarding one of your fellow Sydney-siders. Haven't been that taken by Murcutt jnr's work in the past -although that could be more his silver spoon personality getting in the way and a desperation to move out from his Da's shadow. However, himself + Ms Neeson have struck a gem here. In a big way. I'm taken by the corridor - his Da would make it a flat mind numbing gun barrel - but MN have made it a tunnel complete with an incline and a speck of light at the top pouring in. Cave like. Love that section. On those drawings - definately #8.

    Just found a link to the RAIA site: it has a couple of pictures. None of the tunnel - which I would have thought was the big idea. The rest of the mass is still a little on the desperate/shadow side. @HD those drawings are misleading. I am downgrading my enthusiasm from a 'definate #8' to a 'maybe #8'. I am not sure if it is that side elevation's three blinkered door opes or the overhanging wedge (advice from Mr Durbach perhaps) above that is bugging me.
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    This is Bernini's vatican apartments staircase from 1663 or there abouts. Notice the perspective corrrection effect that Nick Murcutt also uses in the above section and the fact that the same comfort of incline is attempted and achieved. Site specifics are different of course, but don't  ever think that you have nothing to learn from old people.
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    You don't need to boo, you just need to vote.
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    That is the Carlton street of misfires. You could put the DCM house (in construction for a good number of years) on the list too. It's that concrete box on the left of your pic.
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    You do need to boo. The whole point of my extended flame is that you are denigrating architecture by assuming that you can arrive at a top ten of architecture. There is no point to voting on it because architecture is not of that ilk.
    @collar. Note the window joinery in your photo and tell me if you think it is properly weather sealed. It isn't and it is elementry apprentice stuff. There is another piece of shite window detailing just like this in a famous 'green' building near the Vic Market. See if you can tell me which one it is?
     Is this the worst #9 or the best #9 we are up to?
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    apologies...gps is turned off again......
    @ss, its not a good idea calling a catholic a prodestant......they tend to get very upset.....
    yep its true you can't help but boo.....whats happened in the last 350 years ??
    progress, innovation, extension, adaption ????
    #9 gets the thumbs up here....
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    nice one collar.
    saw that 10 months ago down in mexico.
    noted that vRAIA didn't rate it.
    i got in to it - sweet.

    still trying to prove your an architect hague. or a builder?
    (you can publish all the working drawings u like - can't screen your basic stupidity).
    screen porch not window.
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    Sorry cabbie. I had no idea I called a Catholic a Protestant (spelt with a t by the way) I think I said that calling me a whole bunch of offensive things attached to the behaviour of mentally deranged religious freaks was as flaming and defamatory as calling a catholic such things,    but enough of that one hopes.
    I'd like to know why you give #9 the thumbs up. If It's only the last twenty years that architects have forgotten how to detail a window, well?
    screen porch or window, wood or metal. Rain is still wet last i checked or have you invented gravity defying, moisture resistant water as well.
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    old people can be learned from!
    ha ha ha.

    so how hard is it to see through cataracts?

    ol bellannino's stairs about the incline of a disabled ramp.
    leave it alone hague - charles jencks already did the sears catalogue history gig.
    my customers are crying out for a relaunch of no idea.
    something to empty their minds while i empty the top of the skull.
  • sodsod
    edited December 2008
    PC's effort isn't  pungent enough  - looks more like a hippy humpy terrace than anything.
    that contrete box now has a metal tounge or some wierd self referencing metal protusion poking thru the first floor window. pointless.
    might be owned by a bankrupt - maybe thats why its a go slow.
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    u been up on the roof sod?
    pretty pungent from memory.

    yeah street is mellow.
    but don't viccos get their d.a.s at gunpoint after u been mace sprayed?

    you get ren and stimpy on the sat tv out at straddy hague?
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    really have to replace the batteries in the gps....
    @ss religious reference is not an analogy.....straight to the obviously don't know whats happened in the last 350 years.....a particular ignorance to contemporary australian architectural history after 1976.....
    how can you tell what the windows are doing?  commercial glazing in a residential context.....
    occupant was a passenger one night.....good tipper....
    @sod, the thought was the concrete box is the compound for a prominent local art dealer and her husband...????
  • sodsod
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    got no idea who owns the thing - just speculating that the go slow was the result of  some GFC related fiasco. there's a bit going around at the upper end.
    will have to try and get an angle on the roof of PC house. must admit i had no idea it was a PC until recently. thought it was the friedhippies or the someother deadshit that does curley stuff around carlton.
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    have a look in cities of hope, front part of the book.....there's a plan
    an older scheme revisited/reworked...???
    hd will be more up on the gossip.
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