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Walk Against Warming with ARCH-PEACE

Walk Against Warming with ARCH-PEACE :
Melbourne: 1pm outside Flinders Station

Over the coming weeks, our elected leaders will be making decisions that will affect all of our futures. They need to hear our message loud and clear – we want serious action on climate change – and we want it now!

On Saturday the 15th November join thousands of families, workplaces and communities across Australia in the Walk Against Warming - a walk for renewable energy and a safe climate future for our children.

The more of us that walk the more powerful our message will be.

Any week now, the federal Government will announce Australia’s greenhouse reduction target for the next decade or more, and will then take this target to the international climate change negotiations in Poland in early December.

It is a critical moment, not just for Australia but for the whole planet. And it makes this year’s Walk Against Warming more important than ever.

Please forward this invitation on to your friends and family.

The community's voice has never been more important.

Join the Walk Against Warming and ensure our voice is heard.

For more information and to find your local walk see our website or

So bring your family and tell your friends.  Let’s walk together for a living future.

Hope to see you there!

Kind regards

John Hepburn

Climate Campaigner

Greenpeace Australia Pacific

we will be announcing soon the gathering locations... check out our calendar (


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    Hi all,

    Due to lack of response (Melbourne), we decided not to run as an arch-peace group. Therefore we will not meet at Flinders Station.

    If you are attending, please join the main rally. 
    Hope to see you at the next event.
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