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1% organisation

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The U.S. Probono matchmaker service has entered its "phase 2".
Hundreds of groups seeking pro bono design work have contacted Public Architecture over the past two years, but there was nothing set up to address their inquiries. is a clearinghouse allowing nonprofits and firms to register themselves in The 1% program, identify the type of services they are seeking or offering, and connect with each other.

ARCHITECT 08.12.07


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    John Peterson spoke to public radio in the U.S. last week about Public Architecture and the 1% organisation:
    Today on Word of Mouth, we begin with a growing trend in architecture. Not more titanium siding or stunning art museums, but "free architecture," for clients with real needs, but no money. In a field dazzled by “starchitects,” John Peterson launched the nonprofit design firm Public Architecture. He’s leading the charge to get firms to donate one percent of billable hours designing spaces that bring inspiration and dignity to society’s most vulnerable people.
    The 1% program is making its pitch, asking professionals to consider this question: "You could have been anything. You chose to be an architect. Why? Doctors save lives. Architects _______." MP3 available
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    I communicated with John Cary (Program director) over the email before we started our own Architects for Peace pro bono service. John was very helpful and he (all the way form USA) suggested to seek legal assistance from PILCH in Melbourne. I must say that we also learnt a lot from PILCH, particularly important was their service to us (and that of Calyton Utz) , which while volunteer and free of charge, was in no way different to the service they would have offered to their paying clients.
    Basically, we modelled arch-peace pro bono service around The 1 % Organization system (with some variations). For example, the idea that as an organisation we don't directly provide the service; instead we match non for profit organisation needing assistance with service providers (members who offer the service). This is mainly due to legal constrains and liabilities which are similar in the USA and Australia.
    I hope that one day we will follow suit in their success! 
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