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how to be a famous architect

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<p>after sitting through a couple of famous architect lectures in melbourne over the last few days thought i'd share this most recent famous architect blog. apologies if this has been posted here before but i couldnt go past a tshirt with 'fuck frank gehry' <a href=""></a></p>
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  • peter
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    <p>Do you mean the monash lectures last week? I didn't hear about the packed out Bjarke Ingels lecture ( <a href=""></a> ) till I was at the Hailim Suh ( <a href=""></a> ) one the next night - he must be on his way to famous to be able to full up a lecture theatre with an unpublicised and hastily arranged event. Is this the first hoodie-wearing starchitect? Here he is talking for 15 mins in a New York shop front (how famous is that?!)</p>
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  • mark_melb
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    <p>Very funny but true is <a href=""><font color="#1d97cc"></font></a></p>
    <p><span>Click on 'The students' guide to st.architecture'</span></p>
  • miles
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    yup! ive seen 'big' before and he is a phenoml speaker. effortless. from the oma school of we can do anything.
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