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Sichuan toll tops 70,000 as mud traps rescuers - they need us!

Dear all,

As foreign and local help are arriving, the toll is still rising, can we do something here in Australia ?

Suggest any form of help, short or long term, financially, health and hygiene, protection, prevention, physical help, how the money can be spent to rebuild the town, provide shelters, what sort of infrastructure or building we can build to provide immediate help, transportation plans, etc etc.

I am trying to, by putting together your suggestions, gather love and hope, and translate it into Chinese and send it to the locals there. Please support by simply reply to this topic! Thanks so much, Edith Wong


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    Thank you very much for this post Edith, I was thinking of writing something for the newsletter this month... perhaps, as you said, gathering your thoughts would be a good start.  We have not been short of catastrophes this month, first Burma and then China. My thoughts are with the people suffering in these awful circumstances.
    I had added a link for donation to Burma through Care Australia, we could add a similar link for China—would you be able to recommend some?
     We know money cannot easy the suffering, but it is something we can do from here in the knowledge that the cities and communities affected will need this help for the future.
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    here is one of the links from the Chinese), am trying to translate and summarise what sort of works the rescurers have been carrying out, and the type of infrastructure they most needed.

    Edith Wong
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    Critical need for shelter in China’s quake zone .... find out what you can do >> read more from World Vision Australia: here >> read more info from Red Cross Australia : here
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