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Call to all students: Please make yourselves known here!

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Are you a student of Architecture or Planning? Please come here to introduce yourself to us! Write a bit about what courses you are doing and what activities you are involved in! When I helped to organise the Under Construction forum, I realised that there are a lot of busy students who couldn't make it to have their say. Let's make ourselves known here!

I am currently the Architects for Peace Visual and Performing Arts Co-ordinator. I completed my Bachelor of Music Performance at The Victorian College of the Arts in 2005, and am currently teaching singing at a secondary school level and in a private studio. I have been involved in this organisation since it's fruition in 2003. I've co-ordinated the catering for the IntentCITY and the visual and performing arts for the under-construction forum. If there are any art students out there, please contact me to discuss contributing to our next forum.


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    just became a member and trying not to spam...

    Starting 3rd year. Play paintball and love studying architecture, even if i do get worked like a slave, and all my money goes towards paint. Have done some self-employed contracting out as a 'drafty' for an event management company doing walk throughs and client presentations but no work experience per se as of yet. I am currently enthused by the possibilities of defining an architecture of joy /or comedy, possibly as part of a thesis.
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    I'm a 5th year landscape architecture and architecture student at Melbourne Uni. I work part time at a large design company in really, stock and standard for a student :P

    Activities? I would have to say I immerse myself completely when I'm studying/working but I find taking a time out of design/planning to do enjoy different parts of the arts helps me keep my sanity and objectivity. I tend to go through news blogs and forums (both international and local) *like this one* just to see but I'm always a little intimidated to voice my own opinion!

    I became a member this year so I still feel like a bit of a newbie i guess!
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    Wow, that sounds really impressive!

    What parts of the arts do you like?

    Perhaps I'll meet you at the pro-bono launch? I'm singing opera there :)

    What do you mean by comedy and architecture?

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    I have just graduated from Architecture at University of Canberra.

    I am working in an office in Canberra and am part of a new student group just starting up in Canberra planning to Educate ourselves and contribute to Architectural Aid and Humanitarian projects. I am also trying to scrap together maoney to do a Masters Course at the London Met Uni called Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resource.

    I really love the Architects for Peace website and the work you are all doing. :lol:

    :) miriam
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    Congratulations on graduating Miriam!

    We'd love to hear from you here at Architects for Peace. Have a look at our website to learn more about what we are doing and how you can contribute.

    How is the new student group going?

    Rachel :)
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    It's a good and sunny day, today and tomorrow!
    i'm a planner/urbanist/arquitect student, i have study 3 years in Karlskrona, SWEDEN and 1 year in Barcelona, SPAIN. From sep 2006 i began to work first in Gothenburg and now in Lule
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    I am studying building design at TAFE. dont cringe, I intend to study architecture but having left high early school twenty years ago I couldn't go straight into a degree course. I am an artist foremost but trained as a chef. later I became a joiner, carpenter, welder and wood builder. I make tables and bookcases using japanese joinery and want to eventually be using these skills to design and build and have built, sustainable architecture. I am currently building a huge bus shelter (10 metres by 5 metres) using japanese joinery to make cantilevered trusses from timber salvaged from an old saw mill. Never too late to save and make a change.
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    Simon, your experience should not make anyone cringe but on the contrary welcome the contribution that you will be able to make--the first one that comes to my mind is the widening of architectural engagement with other fields +++ you can cook!!
    I have also noticed your very thoughtful contributions to these forums.
    Best of luck in your new path.
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    Thanks Beatriz. I am delighted to have found your forum and look forward to contributing more, when I have time aside from study and wielding a chisel, raising kids and yes, cooking.
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