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APEC: a message from Greenpeace and more...

A message from Greenpeace
Sept. 3rd, 2007

1297606235_b8648633cf_m.jpg (photo by Greenpeace Australia:
The APEC summit has put Sydney under the world spotlight. But, putting the hype aside, what does APEC really stand for?

It’s simple. And at dawn on Sunday morning (Sept. 2nd) in Newcastle harbour, a team of Greenpeace activists took action to spell it out for the world to see - Australia Pushing Export Coal.

The Howard Government’s real agenda for the APEC meeting is to undermine global action on climate change by trashing the Kyoto Protocol. Why? To protect the interests of the export coal industry.

You can see images and video from the action, and then we urge you to take action online yourself.

Australia has shamed itself in the eyes of the world by spending the last ten years undermining the Kyoto Protocol. With only a few months before negotiations begin for the second phase of Kyoto, John Howard and George Bush are using the APEC meeting to try to replace Kyoto with ‘aspirational targets’ – in other words, another decade of hot air.

We have a rapidly closing window of time to make massive cuts in greenhouse pollution if we’re going to avoid catastrophic climate change. We can’t afford to let Howard and Bush destroy the only hope we have for a legally binding global agreement to cut emissions.

Please, take a minute to join with us in sending a clear message to your elected representative in the federal parliament, demanding that they raise their voice for a legally binding target to cut greenhouse pollution and start the switch from coal to clean energy.

Greenpeace has a 30 year history of taking peaceful, direct action to expose environmental crime and to pressure decision makers for change. We’ll be keeping up the pressure on all of our elected representatives until Australia takes real leadership on climate change solutions. We urge you to join us in taking action.

For the future.

The Greenpeace Energy Team

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    Also in Greenpeace website: What is APEC,

    " Australia must transform spoiler role

    Australia plays a key role in both the working group and the Business Network. It co-chairs the working group and staffs its Secretariat. Australian and US governments use these groups and APEC’s trade structures to push for the rejection of the Kyoto Protocol.

    But the flipside is that Australia’s leaders could shift from being spoilers to champions of the clean energy revolution -- if they feel the pressure from people like you."
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    Here the erection of the 5k. fences

    photo by Eva Rodriguez Riestra


    From Brian Jenkins some rather nice cartoons here -- thanks Brian

    In ABC: Chaser duo detained over APEC stunt
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