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housing obesity

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Victorian housing minister Justin Madden (also an architect) has landed himself in a spot of bother with his constituents after daring to suggest that large houses were water wasters and heavy energy consumers. "When we need to minimise our consumption of things like energy and water, many of us are living in houses that consume more water and more energy than we need." He then spoke about a design competition for smaller, energy efficient housing.

The Herald Sun thought this was all provocative enough to get featured on today's front page, along with a profile of a very water-wise family living in a large house in Caroline Springs. Shadow Planning minister Matthew Guy was quick to right Madden off as a urban toff, apparently forgetting to address the topic at hand; "His comments are stupid and offensive to tens of thousands of Victorians and he should apologise unreservedly... They display the typical arrogance of a man who knows nothing of the outer suburbs."
HUN 17.05.07

Columnist Andrew Bolt could be relied upon for an opinion too of course, in a short rant entitled "Save the Scrub. Stuff the poor back in boxes":
If there’s one thing this continent does not lack it’s room for houses for all. If there’s one thing it does lack is politicians with the common sense to simply build the dams and power stations to supply the residents.
BOLT AT THE HUN 17.05.07
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