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Acknowledgement the key

Acknowledgement the key

This article made a very interesting and concise point relating the issues of health and reconciliation within Australian Aboriginal communities. It also prompted thoughts on the idea of taking responsibility within a wider world. It can permeate from mass issues of landrights to individual issues of health.



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    This is also interesting in relation to Costello's Fed. budget. this is what Northern Territory Treasurer Syd Stirling has to say,
    "It looks like money in and around Indigenous housing but it will have ties to leasing purchase, those sorts of things, so again, we've really got to understand all that detail,".[/quote]
    As we learn from our discussion last year on "Indigeneous lands - access permits", the manner in which this money is delivered may be detrimental for the interaction within indigenous communities - traditionally based on collective ownership.
    Back to your point Sarah, the health of the township and community is related to the health of the individuals who inhabit it.

    Find more and the quote: from ABC
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