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NGA renovations

The National Gallery of Australia is back in the news - it is still trying to make changes to the 1973 building. Original architect Col Madigan used the new Moral Rights Act in 2000 to prevent one proposal. So the NGA hired Andrew Andersons (PTW) to come up with another. Now that one's in the firing line, with Madigan, Murcett and a group of other architects protesting.

The gallery employed Madigan for advice after the last scheme was scuttled, but this advice hasn't carried much weight it appears. The current gallery director says, "we wanted Madigan's involvement but not necessarily his approval." This arrangement sounds a little different to what we heard from the SMH in 2004:

"Five years after the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra first proposed to build a $20 million front door, it has rehired the gallery's 83-year-old original architect, Colin Madigan, to work on fresh designs... He will work as consultant with Sydney-based Andrew Andersons." SMH 28.04.04

THE OZ 03.05.07

NGA press release


Architecture Australia Radar Set/Oct 2001

I just had a look back to a 6 year old page on this site here. That article bears similiarities to the post above, though the price has increased again, it's up around $94M now.
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