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I want to live forever...

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The fifth year architecture kiddies at QUT are now reviewing literature for their theses. I am one of them. I'm developing a purely academic interest in FAME and it's benefit/cost/development in our profession, but haven't honed in on the 'topic' yet. Gimme your thoughts; if we come to any sort of consensus it'll put a fresh perspective on everything I've read so far.

Oh, and tips for more readings (in anything from AA to Guns 'n' Ammo) are more than welcome. Just put it out there.


  • dav_
    edited January 1970
    Hey Mr T.

    Sounds like a very interesting thesis area. My thesis was something about the integration of architecture culture into 'the fashionable and the cool'...or something, so anything in that realm is exciting. I'm sorry I can't offer much, other than the awesome tag of 'Starchitect', which I'm considering using until I get registered ;). Good luck dude.

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