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Israel a friend? with those friends who needs enemies!

Hum... how does our government assess who is the terrorist... I wonder...

John Howard (the Australian Prime Minister for the last 12 years) has no doubt as to who his friends are: the US, UK and Israel.
By the way, Israel fired against some Australians who were trying to escape from South Lebanon and had given notice to the Israeli army as to their whereabouts. With those friends, who needs enemies!

Israelis Accused of Using Illegal Weapons
Dahr Jamail
BEIRUT, Jul 28 (IPS) - The Israeli military is using illegal weapons against civilians in southern Lebanon, according to several reports.

U.S.-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said this week that Israel had used cluster bombs in civilian areas of Lebanon, in clear violation of international law. (...)

Lebanese doctors, aid workers and refugees are reporting that the Israeli military has used the incendiary weapon white phosphorous in civilian areas, also in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Dr. Bachir el-Sham at the Complex Hospital in Sidon in the south of Lebanon told IPS in a telephone interview that he has received civilian patients injured by incendiary weapons.

"We are seeing people that are all blackened, with charred flesh that is not burned by normal bombs and flames," he said. "I am sure this is a special bomb. They are using incendiary weapons on civilians in the south. We are seeing these patients."

The doctor also told IPS that the Israelis are again using suction bombs, which they used heavily during the Lebanese civil war.

"They are using suction bombs that implode our buildings," he added, "With implosive bombs...instead of the glass blasted out, it is inside the building. These kill everyone inside the building. There are rarely survivors when they use these bombs." (....)
continue reading: IPS,
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