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How we pay Iraq when diggers kill...

Today, the Age newspaper published an article entitled: "How we pay Iraq when diggers kill"
by Tom Hyland (The Age, July 2, 2006)

According to this article "The federal Department of Finance and Administration has put a figure on it: $53,128.85."
Are we supposed to feel short-changed, as we "tax payers" foot the bill? How much the life of an Australian civilian if mistakenly killed by the police would be worth? I dare to guess that it would be much more.

What this article does not tell us of course is that the occupying forces are not paying this amount to each of the 120,000 plus dead, or the injured, nor for the damage to their cities, or their suffering. So, really, how much are we paying for our complicity in the death of the thousand or Iraqis?

“Soldiers on some operations are also issued with an "OFOF card" — written, "orders for opening fire" — which is believed to authorise the immediate use of force if they face an imminent threat.”

The same right under “perceived threat” is not granted to the Iraqi civilians, who amidst the hellish tragedy of this war and without the protection of the latest weaponry or their own military, who under “real or perceived threat”, are not allowed the basic right of running for their lives.

The military units, given the name of “diggers” by the author, represent no high morals, as any excuses for the invasion of Iraq has long been proved false.

The article concludes with: "(And) if it gets out there about how much we pay, then that actually creates expectations and perhaps something of a market out there," he [head Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston] said.”

“A market out there” is perhaps the only appropriate ending for an article that shows that our government has no understanding of justice, morality, humanity or compassion.

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