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Israeli Troops Move Into Gaza: Bridges Are Hit

Israeli Troops Move Into Gaza; Bridges Are Hit
NYT June 28, 2006
GAZA, Wednesday, June 28 — Israel sent troops into southern Gaza and its planes attacked three bridges and a power station early Wednesday, in an effort to prevent militants from moving a wounded Israeli soldier they abducted Sunday, Israeli Army officials said.

Palestinian children gathered on a destroyed bridge following an overnight Israeli air strike on Gaza City.
Israeli troops and tanks began to move in force in an effort to rescue the soldier, Cpl. Gilad Shalit, 19, who is believed to be held there.

Witnesses said Israeli troops had taken over the old Gaza airport and were heading toward Rafah on the road that marks the border between Gaza and Egypt, as Egyptian troops watched.

Electricity was knocked out through much of Gaza after a complex of electronic transformers, south of Gaza City, was struck by Israeli planes. Witnesses said that the station was hit by numerous missiles and that it was burning brightly against the night sky.
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