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Profiting from the Occupation of Palestinian Territories

Below I have quoted a paragraph from an important letter addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury on the topic of the Palestinian occupied territories.
This letter touches on many issues, including the right to a home, freedom and justice.
Letter by Jewish Groups to the Archbishop of Canterbury in Support of Divestment from Caterpillar and Other Companies Profiting from the Occupation of Palestinian Territories
We, the undersigned representatives of Israeli and Jewish organizations, have witnessed the Occupation first hand. In our view, Israel's Occupation and settlement policies stem more from territorial claims than from genuine concerns of security, which can only be addressed through a complete end to the Occupation and peace with the Palestinians. Of the 12,000 Palestinian homes demolished by Israel in the Occupied Territories since 1967, less than 5% were demolished for security reasons (and even then we oppose demolition as a form of collective punishment, illegal under international law). In 95% of the cases the families involved were completely innocent of any security offense and were never even accused of or charged with any offense.

Find this letter at: The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Letter_to_Archbishop_Mar06.htm
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