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on the take

edited May 2003 in architecture
I must have preserved my innocence for a long time as I have only just realised that some architects take a commission to specify certain products. Despite the code of conduct saying that thou oughtn't do that kind of thing.

I guess this kind of behaviour is only encouraged by a government that sells tertiary education as an investment that should, in the long term, yield good rates of monetary return for canny students. The concept of working for the Public Good gets lost in this kind of thinking. One can only wonder what future architects with fat HECS/ H.E.L.P. debts and thin wages will stoop to.


anyway, why hasn't anyone offered me any bribes?


  • edited January 1970
    Does that mean that Harry Seidler gets a commission for specifying concrete ?

    Unfortunately I can't offer any bribes, but someone I know from a certain paper company may be interested ;) lol
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