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forum names

edited May 2010 in architecture
I've split the Q'n'As out of the main architecture thread, per a request an entire year back.

It being rather late at night, I called it Q'n'A which isn't very orignal and is apparently being used by a teletube programme.

So then the architecture forum name looked too broad and as the posts are more assertions than questions I changed it to 'opinion' which is rather bland. Runners up was 'the salon'.

Not happy with either.

Suggestions please, Tim Tams and kudos for the winners. Comments votes will be a guide (only) to the jury.

PS the forum boxes on the front page are broken at the moment - they are not sorting correctly. No idea why, I'm replacing the script as part of the rebuild.


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    salons TMemed. ha ha ha.
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    forum - practice

    forum - design
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    practice - thats something designers do a lot by the looks of it hey?

    ^^^ assertions has a nice tone to it?
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    opinion = back seat chatter or the back seat blues.
    the black shirts never shut up.
    q n a was thursday nights at the builders arm's pub, got plenty of good fares outta that one.
    q n a = the sat nav won't work
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    bitch session for cabbie, HD and luke
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    I'll give it 2 u andi, u r one hell of a good mexican trained reactive arsesimulator.
    have u thought of running the rimmer academy.
    lord lenny's gonna die one day + they will be after a card carrying neo con 4 the job.

    assertions still got my vote.
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    ^^Hows the job hunting going Andi. Or have you shot your reputation around town?
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    Almost forgot.
    Forum - "the couch".
    in honour of Andi and Macca. With polished norwegian wood legs of course so Andi feels at home.
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    bitchen i may b. but also influential amongst the arsesimulationists 4 a barber andi?
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    the couch. (tick)

    suggest q + a = the desk.
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    What's wrong with the Salon?
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    the Salon stands up to pushing from the fringe.

    this sections starting to lie down, the couch is an appropriate assertion.
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    ^^^^ That article is a corker HD.

    Zombies turning on each other - Generation Gap amongst the Undead.
  • edited 10:39PM
    ^ article or advertorial luke?
    zombie pot calling the dead kettles black wos my conclusion.
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    wot about "the morgue".
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    How come you use caps over there and not here HD?
    I want a recaptcha that comes u with words like that, maybe a good forum name too.
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    Couch = nana napping or free associating?

    Pic: Konstantin Binder
  • edited May 2010
    ? luke always speaks in caps.

    mine got edited over there. u see the note?
    his remark is more interesting that mine. he's got a point hey.

    nice couch. bit of both.

    disorder greasing is a hot name.
  • edited 10:39PM
    footnote. i think luke has failed to notice dont comes have moved into a h+dm on mogodon phase post zahar.
  • edited May 2010
    i put up anotha remark - in my style.
    bet the ADR administrator corrects my spelling grammar + capitalisation again.
    notice the DN put a defensive remark up hisself. wot can u say.
    probably get a windup from HD nitpicking on days or dates.
  • edited 10:39PM
    the couch, salon, chair, desk, practice, dunny, bitch session forum names
    you blokes all sound like wankers....typical black shirts......
    can't leave anything alone....
    peter, leave the names as they are....makes sense....and i can find them....
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    what about BROTHEL?
    [everyone scores here]
  • edited 10:39PM
    Oh luke did you have to show me that. Was just about to have dinner. I hope it's not a family photo.
  • edited 10:39PM
    ^^ - the cousins - vv ?
  • edited 10:39PM
    ^^Sorry P....forgot the caption
    L-R: Miles, Cabbie, HD & Luke
  • edited 10:39PM
    disorder greasing
    Disorder Greasing
    DISORDER greasing

    confused about the caps - but like the name.
  • edited 10:39PM
    i like HD's six pack
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