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North Wharf

edited March 2010 in architecture
The Age tells us that the last strip of unkempt inner Yarra edge is about to get swanked up with a marina etc. They have a sketch here:

This is just a serving suggestion though. The government is putting the site up for sale for private development. So it's quite possible that we'll end up with the usual mix of dead restaurants and south-facing apartments overshadowing a promenade. Unless they stick a caveat on the sale insisting on the "cultural facilities" mentioned in the article. But that's unlikely.

Maybe they should just leave it alone - leave something for the next gen to do, so that the river's edge doesn't become a boomers' paradise for its entire length. Leave the goods shed rough-as-guts for people to go-cart, dance, perform and generally be noisy in.

Nice panorama pic here:


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    Would be nice if the Marxican Boomers could extend generosity to the next generation
    Not likely though
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    nice idea - but no chance of gorging geckos leaving some space around.
    will b a betta world when gen z+ pull some of shitehead bbs mistakes down after they r in the grave.

    centrelink [xxxxxx]s got his i on that real estate^^?
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