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    - whats the hidden infrastructure cost of an inner city house for that matter.
    any ancient and decaying sewers getting toward the end of their engineering life?
    to be paid for by tax payers - not directly the person whose house it runs in front of.
    its amortized across all citizens? suspect planning institute has stretched the figure with too much purity.

    another scenario for justine and the accountant to consider in their black and white world of latter suckers and fringe bogans. what about the stuff in between? why not put ringwood under the microscope. its as good a falling apart piece of crap as anywhere. and what happens when we work up the guts to get rid of the bogus negative gearing provisions. what then?

    somehow i don't think the planning discussions getting enuff quality scrutiny in the press yet.
    bit too focussed on just what the new stuff is costing like its pure sin. needs a bigger context.
    what other sins are driving it all for instance.
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    ^ - whats the hidden infrastructure cost of an inner city house for that matter.

    Growth Area Authority doen't have figures for that - maybe we need an Ingrown Areas Authority too.

    PIA says $309K (for infrastructure) to pop a new house within city limits - half.

    Speaking of ingrown things - negative gearing is intractable - no pollie seems willing or able to relieve that pain - lost tax of $4.9B annually is the last I heard.
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    ^ NG - huge cost. its a bad premise though which market forces can undo - won't need pollies.

    If you want people to live inside a prescribed city limit then as a govt. you need to work out how to make it happen. apartments on tram lines and railway tracks ain't it. not enuff by a long shot.
    need a tax system which encourages investment in building (improvement) - not land value speculation via tax minimisation en-route to the mirage of a capital gain windfall @ retirement. (baby boomer distortion again???) it needs to be spread across the board into a new pattern of settlement carried out at all levels of project investment. not fat lazy houses here and a few apartment towers there. thats where the old dual occ code was very sound. it let a lot of different levels of players in and theoretically let it happen everywhere - or at least implied it could (10k limit).

    there was no misunderstanding the criticism of the city it made. it said it was half as dense as it should be - minimum. the save our selfishness sops led by the goose stepping kook miles screwloose looking for an issue to whip out his old box of collins street tissues identified it correctly as massive change and threw themselves in front of the wheels like it was whelan the wrecker all over again.

    the people who drew up that code 25 years ago were right.

    - sacking brimbank today is the best bit of news i've heard for a decade.
    sack em all. make planning a national portfolio and demand an intelligent minister.
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    Art History Prof Robert Nelson from Monash Art & Design has possibly had a recent experience with Melbourne's planning system.

    Deceptive green of suburban gardens:

    "Australians collectively drive 200 billion kilometres per year. Instead of short trips by foot or tram, we make long trips in cars. Ultimately, the fault lies with the area occupied by gardens."

    The setback is setting us back.

    Letters page of the Aged will be busy.
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    Mr Kunstler this week, coming at it from the new urbanist angle that suburbs are plain fugly and shouldn't be built.. oh and they killed the economy. Worth a read none the less - gets 385 comments!

    " It was the worthlessness of the tradable securitized debt associated with all those overpriced (and overvalued) chipboard and vinyl houses, smeared recklessly over the American landscape, that started all the trouble in the first place. And it is our inability to come to grips with that underlying catastrophe that prolongs the resolution of the still-florid banking crisis -- since the federal government is doing everything possible to prop up the failed capital equation of terminal suburbia, and to deny the obsolescence of that version of the American Dream and all the mechanisms for delivering it. "
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    ^ fcuken hey. that ones going in the mag rack at the salon.

    kuntsler sinks his toe capped slipper in right at the end of that piece.

    makes sense out of oberproffessor m screwloose and the sacred bleeding heart of the legion of selfishness. preservationists into the useless for its picturesque value as an obsolete consumer object?
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    is this the problem? baby boomers flogging the mantra of the dinner party moron - "australia is the most urbanised nation". and..... and............................

    australian city dweller sees hinterland as picturesque? - myth to be repetitively dismissed in the never ending sunset that comes after "ITS TIME" and the australian awakening post Bazza McKenzie?
    ------ the suburbs are now a myth? (so is the late H. Arkley?) but no catch up from the sentimentalist anti-swagperson-matter?
    (as per kunstler).

    more on hinterland - it gave rise to the city?

    question for urbanised australia statisticians - how many people per km2 does it take to make you the most urbanised nation? or is it just a postcode thing?
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    interesting - ken d. of the Hage got a reply quick smart from tony p - concerned citizen of fitzroy?
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    that b tony p of CRC? with an enthusiasm for desalination?
    u gotta love the way the mexican govt. gets its message out.
    tony.jpg 118.6K
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    same tony p?
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    tony would say Ken's idea for piping water from honduras where mexican rain falls these days was kooky? .............but maybe its a state and territority accountants kingdom issue not pure $.
    alternatively if u can't take the water to the city maybe the city goes to the water?
    - honduras has a bright future - inconceivable!
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    quite night , been doin some reading...
    really like the picture though.....
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    sweet - little justine hayseed^

    - journos have woken from their stupor. sick of being fed like chooks?

    better hope evan whats his corrupt fcuk/retired early last xmas/ cashed in his chips to join the electric car company (ahem brown coal powered car company) he brokered the govt. deal for comes through with the goods quick. city needs a unradial public transport plan or his cars - take yer pick? we r committed to moving distance - guess the commode doors could get tied up to horses.

    watch the last 4 corners on botany bay public transport fiasco. disturbing viewing.
    b b legacy coming home to roost early before they get 2 eternally rest in vases.
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    with all the extra girth.  the new punters need somewhere to drowne their sorrows.
    more for the cabbies
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    nutha hot summer coming + most of the same morons r in charge of things.
    suppose mother nature might step in again and help justine extract his head from the city's fat arse.

    next week royal commission hots up? coppers will be on the stand? wonder if they will have words of praise for hex boss.

    interesting story. getting up towards pointier end of proceedings. no one at home on the day from the big three. cop minister hid in his genie bottle. chrissy honey was out buying donuts?

    - anyone know why the VBRA chief/ex mardi gras parade director has been granted immunity from appearing at royal commission by harcourt accountant?
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    reckon there could be a reality tv series in this, cross master chef with the biggest loser, then add the contender.
    cook up a weight loss scheme then go in for a title fight.
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    more for the script......
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    is the C$%^ for real?

    @ royal commission today. harrowing.
    shut trash city ruling class down - out of touch with life.


    al gore sunk the accountant's carbon capture fantasy yesterday.
    mexico working up to a cain/kirner burp of a different magnitude?
    get bronwyn pike behind the wheel in honour of ALP tradition while there is still time left for her.
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    aussies - #1 lard arse donut eating zombies of the world.
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    Detroit update, with zombies.

    Julien Temple: "Approaching the derelict shell of downtown Detroit, we see full-grown trees sprouting from the tops of deserted skyscrapers. In their shadows, the glazed eyes of the street zombies slide into view, stumbling in front of the car. Our excitement at driving into what feels like a man-made hurricane Katrina is matched only by sheer disbelief that what was once the fourth-largest city in the US could actually be in the process of disappearing from the face of the earth. The statistics are staggering – 40sq miles of the 139sq mile inner city have already been reclaimed by nature."

    [via archinect]
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    zombies 2 day, monkeys 2 morrow?
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    Marxican devolution.
  • edited March 2010
    dEvOing back 2 primate stage would be good 4 marxico? - get back 2 the view of relentless nothing b 4 zombie outbreak made it all into waiting rooms.
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    Hmm... I don't get it... this thread is too much for my minute brain. pokies nz
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    android 125, exactly the sort of future planning marxico needs....
    who stole the gps.....?
  • edited March 2010
  • edited 8:00PM
    ^^^ a 30 second brain is wot u need?
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    On Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 April, the ADC Cities Summit in Melbourne
    will be a critical high-level intervention in the current debate that
    surrounds metropolitan growth. It aims to bring together both Australian
    and international talent to draw common threads generated within the
    forum. This will provide a broader context that can be worked into a
    blueprint for growth and development in our cities and the opportunity
    to rethink the way we design our urban centres in the future. The Summit
    will hear from the Prime Minister and the Premier, as well as a broad
    range of Australia's most important thinkers and doers across policy,
    architecture, planning, infrastructure, environment, design, science,
    economy, community, arts and culture.

    Look out in Monday's Age for evidence of a city action by the Cities
    Summit provocateurs, the Surprise City group.

    The role of the Surprise City group is to stimulate, to innovate, to
    provoke and to inspire. We propose an anti-vision for the future of
    Australian cities. Not a desire to predict the future or to imagine an
    idealised one, but instead to acknowledge the non-linear interaction of
    influences which generate our urban conditions and to develop a set of
    methodologies to operate within the instability of complex systems.

    A vision for the future of cities requires faith in the stability of the
    inherent and planned systems that underlie their development. As
    provocateurs we embrace the unintended byproducts of these systems.
    These we call artifacts and in elevating them we seek to define a method
    for designing the complexity and fluidity that are integral to the
    existence of cities.

    Our interest is in the emergent complex order of the city.!/group.php?gid=111946918822834&ref=mf

    Surprise City group
    Roland Snooks / Johan van Schaik / Esther Anatolitis / Andrew Burrow /
    Oliver Freeman / Simon Goodrich / Ash Keating / Ari Petrovs / Lou Weis /
    Robyn Williams
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    KISS - build some train lines and let ordinary people get on with it?
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