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Toyo Ito Talk

Neville K
edited February 2009 in architecture
Given it was sold out- more than 1000 tickets:punters, what were your impressions?

I mistakenly thought it was being broadcast on 3RRR's Architects' Show with a live OB. Alas, just the new ARM Recital Hall/MTC was featured with hagiographic editorial from the Triple R team and muddled, opaque, obfuscation/design justification from Howard Raggatt and Ian McDougall; of course- intellectually meretricious at the same time. Could convince some who probe not too deeply.

What was the talk like?
Impressions of the acoustics of the Recital Hall?
Impressions of the new complex?
At least the profits of the talk went to the Bushfire Relief Fund- was that the (only) saving grace??


  • cabbie
    edited November -1
    <p>took travis' advice worked the rank at the echo chamber......thanks mate....</p>
    <p>how'd ya go out at the airport travis ?  quiet night ?</p>
    <p>a good cabbie knows a good fare.....?</p>
    <p>so nev,</p>
    <p>some colourful stories out of the usually tight black took all their money....100 bucks for some to attend....not many smiling faces....</p>
    <p>punters thought it was a pre-recorded slide show including sound track...........</p>
    <p>couldn't see the man on stage.....</p>
    <p>turns out there was band practice in the rehersal room, someone left the stage door open....</p>
    <p>laid out like a suburban multiplex......everyone kept standing up all night....shuffling.....footsteps.....</p>
    <p>a muffled japanese man talking into a canyon....finished with his own boot, leaving the crowd wishing for a new pair.....</p>
    <p>one of the cobblers left at question time with a pained look on his face......</p>
    <p>line for the dunnys made the cab rank look empty.....</p>
    <p>one hell of an after party......</p>
    <p> </p>
  • hairdresser
    edited November -1
    sounds like peter had to rob paul to buy some shoelaces?
  • miles
    edited November -1
    back from dividing the cheese in the uae. saw ito san. generally ok. clear articultate respectful. the man donated his fee for the fire. respect for that alone. $70.... dunno. better than nouvel...yes. mor info than an el croquis....not really.
    one point, HD the local pres kf(c) needs a haircut...really!
  • kashmir
    edited November -1
    <p>yeeeah...  so how was the talk? </p>
  • miles
    edited November -1
    good not great
  • sod
    edited November -1
    <p>the talk was mostly nature, grids and trees. half a talk due to the translation.</p>
  • hairdresser
    edited February 2009
    its a wig miles.

    didn't go but heard from a mate in bris who flew down that the end was good.
    ito recital hall project inside melbournes.
    the start was bad.
    boral man went on ....and on.......

    donating 38 thou answers some problems but raises a question.
    @$70 -$100 per head x 1000 = at least $85K.
    where is other 40K + (- costs?)
    is $38,000 the AIA profit margin on these events.
    ito et al have been good money spinners for the AIA.
  • sod
    edited November -1
    <p>i thought it ended badly - ito's recital hall was crazy sci fi /archigram kind of stuff. thought the museum in Berkley looked more promising.</p>
    <p>the wipe around only yielded $900.00 - wonder if the institue took a cut of that.</p>
  • hairdresser
    edited November -1
    got any more on ito recital hall sod?
    not published anywhere is it.
    or berkley.
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