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ArtAbility showcasing fringe art in a very public space

ArtAbility showcasing fringe art in a very public space

What:             ADEC Artability 2008 - 120 paintings on canvas, drawings and illustrations
                        presented by artists from ethnic origins
Where:          The Atrium, Federation Square
When:            Wednesday 26 November to Tuesday 2 December, 2008

A unique and vibrant art exhibition will be on show in the Atrium at Federation Square during November 26 to December 2, 2008. The exhibition is called *ADEC ArtAbility 2008 which will showcase over 60 ethnic artists of all ages who have a disability. 

There are 120 exceptional paintings, drawings and sketches exploring the theme of the “Journey” - the sights, sensations and memories that make every journey personal.
This public exhibition is purely about artistic expression and the pure joy for the painter to have the opportunity to have their work seen by thousands of people from all walks of life;    ADEC ArtAbility 2008 provides men, women and children from fringe cultural corners of Melbourne the chance to transcend difficulties by communicating visually in a professional way. 
ADEC ArtAbility is an event showcasing exciting, colourful work from artists at the end of this month. Leading award winning contemporary artist and teacher (Latrobe Art College & Victoria University), David Ralph will be judging the exhibition and awarding prizes.    He said, “My gut reaction to the work that I have seen so far, is that the paintings are wonderfully unselfconscious. They are intuitive and meditative and made with enjoyment; there is a sense of love, fun and timelessness to the work. There are various styles peaking through this exhibition from modernist, Arte Brut, Impressionism and Fauvism. It’s an honour to be invited to be a part of this special event”.
The 60 artists live in various pockets of Melbourne who have origins in places such as Somalia, Europe, obscure countries in the Pacific Islands, China, Russia, Japan, Greece, Iraq, Africa and so on. ADEC have co-ordinated this exhibition tapping into the schools and organisations who work with intellectually and physically challenged people.

Licia Kokocinski, Executive Director of ADEC says, “We have been overwhelmed by the positive impact this event has for our ethnic communities who are often living on the fringe of the broader society. The paintings (acrylic and oil) and drawings have been handpicked by experts and the talent and quality of the work is extraordinary. ArtAbility is all about transcending physical and mental health challenges and creating art for the sheer pleasure of it”.
“There are over 25 different ethnic regions represented amongst the group exhibiting and they all have interesting and dynamic stories to tell”, Ms Kokocinski added.
On Friday 28 November ArtAbility will host a Gala Opening and Art Auction to celebrity guests, high profile artists from Melbourne, Government officials and community groups and art fans from all over Melbourne. Organisers are expecting 400 guests at the opening. The paintings can be bought by the public and there will be awards given to the top three artworks selected by David Ralph.
Other special guests contributing to this exhibition are, Australian Ambassador for International Day for Disability, Milly Parker and Paralympic swimmer, Hannah MacDougall.
*ADEC (Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities) presents this exhibition coordinating the various communities. They are a not for profit organisation working with over 40 different nationalities and cultural groups.

For media interviews with well known artist, David Ralph or with some of the exhibitors in ArtAbility, please contact: Nicola Archer, Nicola Archer Communications on
03 9534 1285 / 0419 002 769 –
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