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kerb 17 asks: is Landscape Architecture dead?

kerb 17: Death of Landscape
 Abstracts due:   5 September 2008
Submissions due:   26 September 2008 

kerb Landscape Architecture Journal, an annual, internationally distributed, Australian publication, invites practitioners, academics, and students associated with your institute to contribute to the seventeenth edition. kerb is a not-for-profit RMIT publication compiled by undergraduates of the Landscape Architecture program.
kerb 17 asks: is Landscape Architecture dead? Does Landscape Architecture have the capacity to deal with the potentials of the future? What is the future of Landscape Architecture? How can landscape be shaped by concepts/models/ideas/theories that are not normally considered relevant to Landscape?
We are inviting practitioners, academics and students, to discuss, critique, and demonstrate how through a variety of mediums, and a potential mediation of design disciplines we can reconsider contemporary ideas of landscape.
We are seeking submissions of experimental and innovative design projects and critiques, research, written and photographic submissions, digital animations or film. Submissions must be received by 26th September 2008.
This is an excellent opportunity for practitioners, academics, and students to contribute to global design discourse and to have their work published in a journal with national and international recognition and distribution
Please find attached information regarding this edition’s subject, Contributor’s Guideline, and Style Guide.   Download guidelines and download poster.
We would appreciate if this package was forwarded to institute members and associates.
We look forward to hearing from you soon

kerb Editorial Team
Katie Cudal | Lauren Gillard | Michaela Prescott | Nick McCarthy | Rhycea Clifton
RMIT School of Architecture + Design
PO Box 2475V
Melbourne VIC 3001
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