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GET UP: we need massive federal investment in public transport

Message from GetUP!
On World Environment Day, we're left scratching our heads as Kevin Rudd and Brendan Nelson race to the bottom of the petrol bowser. They're arguing about rising petrol prices whilst ignoring the elephant in the room - our rising greenhouse pollution.
We don't need to remove the GST on petrol, we need to start weaning Australia off its oil addiction, with a 3 point recovery plan - massive federal investment in public transport, laws for dramatically more efficient cars, and an Emissions Trading Scheme which includes transport.
We're tired of waiting for the bus while our politicians dither in Parliament. Tell your MP you want far-sighted, low-carbon transport solutions now:
The world is running out of cheap oil and head-on into the climate crisis caused by burning fossil fuels. World oil prices have more than quadrupled in the past six years and more than doubled in the past year. At the same time, transport is 14% of Australia's greenhouse pollution and rapidly rising. Both these reasons mean we need to move Australia away from oil, and fast.
Previous governments have failed to prepare Australia's transport system for rising oil prices. Our governments, Federal and State in partnership, must begin making major long term adjustments now. First, we demand a world class public transport system starting with a $5 billion investment from the new Building Australia Fund. Second, we must include transport in the Emissions Trading Scheme. Third, we need mandatory fuel efficiency standards for all vehicles to match other OECD countries.
Tell our political parties about the three steps to kicking Australia's oil addiction and jump-starting cleaner transport:
We have only a short time left to re-frame this debate while the issue of petrol prices is still the main item in the news. The government is scrambling to re-gain its climate credentials after their ill-informed decision to means-test the solar rebate, which has decimated Australia's solar PV industry.
We'll write to the State premiers letting them know of your concerns but we need you to write to your local Federal MP. If our politicians are serious about addressing climate change whilst prioritising the needs of low-income families, there is no excuse to continuing burying their heads down the oil well.
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