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Australian architects abroad

edited March 2008 in architecture
Hi folks,
Im doing some research into Australian architects who have set up offices overseas.
Currently im looking into:
System Architects-NY
Koning Eizenberg-California
Kerry Hill-Singapore

Would anyone have any suggestions for other offices. Im not really looking at the big offices such as PTW and Hassell.
Many thanks.


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    Being unfamiliar with some of those names lukle I can't comment on the suitability of my suggestion but I did read the other day that DCM have an office in Indonesia that is run by an Indonesian Melbourne uni graduate, who recently won a University prize for foreign graduates. A case of Australian cultural imperitive being introduced into a huge Muslim nation might be interesting in how they deal with all that type of stuff.
    Any help?
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    Gday Simon
    Thanks for that bit of info. Wasnt aware of that. Might have to follow that one up.
    Have made some progress. Although have found it harder than I thought to find small
    to medium sized offices outside of Asia. Any ideas on offices in the UAE?
    Thanks again.
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    Sorry no, but you could try the past graduates asscociations of all the Uni's for information on where their graduates have gone to. If they stay in touch then the associations will know and will probably have been given permission to pass the info on.
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    We're trying to establish in Vietnam - watch this space or contact me direct
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    Philip, you are going to have some breathtaking job applicants. Some may even be Registered.
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