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Global Warming to fool

In Turkey there are a lot of discussion about global warming. The weather is extremly hot and big cities' water sources are not enough in the last years...
The politics just blame global warming. They do not work on solutions because it is easy to blame hall globe!!! I admit, Turkish governments are never aware of enviromental problems.
But the idom "global warming" make their job just easy. It is very effective to blame something abstract. They do not cooperate with chambers, associations... They just point out global warming.
It is very frightening that a very serious problem is used to fool society. I am afraid, turkish government is not the only one?


  • NN
    edited January 1970
    I do not think you are the only one who has noticed this. The side effect of climate change awareness has been that some people either retreat to the safe grounds of denial, or in this case, start using global warming as grounds for an excuse to ineffective policies regarding resource management.
    I suppose as the awareness of climate change increases more and more people are demanding accountability which, for many governments, is not something that they are used to.
    Are there any links/articles/follow ups on this issue in turkey?
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